Gary’s office stands ready to help you understand your rights and responsibilities related to various federal programs and help you work through a problem you may have with a federal agency. Acting as a liaison between you and the federal government, our staff can often help you answer questions, find resources or resolve problems. Our office cannot promise you a specific outcome from an agency or referral. We will do our best to help you receive a full and fair response.

Please complete a separate form for each person seeking assistance.

The Privacy Act of 1974 (Public Law 93-579) requires your written authorization for my office to contact government agencies on your behalf or discuss your case in detail. The Privacy Act authorizes the disclosure of records to congressional offices acting on behalf of constituents only when the individual has consented. 

Submit with the Release, a copy of the last agency decision, and any other documentation that will be helpful in my research on your behalf, up to three files and no larger than 15MB a piece. Please attach the effected tax return for IRS cases.



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