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The office of US Senator James Lankford is happy to help in your interactions with agencies and offices of the federal government. Casework is available to all Oklahomans and covers a variety of issues. The Senator's office inquires about pending cases from passport applications to Social Security and veterans’ benefits. While his office cannot file, adjudicate, or appeal your case, we will work to ensure the federal government is responsive to your concerns.


Due to the Constitution’s separation of powers, Senator Lankford cannot assist in judicial or court matters, including child custody/support, divorce, criminal trials, lawsuits or imprisonment. Additionally as a United States Senator, he has no jurisdiction over state issues such as:

  • County social services
  • Medicaid
  • State taxes
  • State unemployment
  • State workers' compensation
  • Domestic disagreements/disputes
  • Criminal justice/court decisions

Pursuant to Public Law 93-579, the Privacy Act, I (i.e., the constituent) hereby authorize Senator James Lankford and/or his staff to request and receive information from the appropriate federal agency or department in reference to my inquiry. This authorization includes written correspondence, telephonic, or any other means of communication. The federal agency or department is authorized to furnish copies of any documents, correspondence, or information relative to my inquiry until the matter is resolved.



Attach copies of any relevant documentation. 
***NOTE: ALL EMAILED DOCUMENTS MUST BE IN PDF FORMAT (i.e., NO PHOTOGRAPHS).*** Maximum file size = 15MB. You may send additional documentation directly to your caseworker after they have made contact with you.



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