Senator Menendez Appropriations Request Form FY2022

Application deadline is COB on Friday, May 28, 2021

This form is now closed.

Affirmations and Acknowledgements

  • Submission of a request that meets the requirements of this form as well as any subsequent requirements that may be promulgated by the Office of Senator Robert Menendez or the Senate Committee on Appropriations does not guarantee the award of federal funding and/or the support of Senator Menendez.
  • This request and any information submitted in support of it may be made public in part or in their entirety.
  • The requesting entity will comply with any request presented to them by the Government Accountability Office, the Office of Inspector General of a federal agency, Congress, or any other federal entity performing an audit, investigation, or oversight function.
  • Any funding award associated with this request does not guarantee support or funding in future fiscal years.