My office is happy to help in your interactions with agencies and offices of the federal government. Casework is available to all Oregonians and covers a variety of issues. My office inquires about pending cases from passport applications to social security and veterans’ benefits. While my office cannot file, adjudicate, or appeal your case, we will work to ensure the federal government is responsive to your concerns.


Due to the Constitution's separation of powers, and Senate ethics rules, I am not permitted to assist in judicial or court matters, including child custody/support, divorce, criminal trials, lawsuits or imprisonment.



The Privacy Act of 1974, Title 5, U.S. Code Section 552a, provides that as of September 27, 1975, disclosure of information of a personal or confidential nature of an individual will no longer be released to third parties without written consent of the individual concerned. Therefore, I hereby grant Senator Jeff Merkley and his staff my written permission to intercede on my behalf. I also duly authorize that any information that is contained in my records and necessary to provide a substantive response may be disclosed to the Office of Senator Merkley.



Attach any short letters and/or copies of any relevant documents or notices here. Allowed file types include .doc, .docx, .pdf, or .txt. Total file size limit is 15MB. 

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