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Senator Rick Scott grew up in public housing in a family that struggled for work. His brother had a rare disease and his mom didn’t have insurance. She eventually found a charity hospital four hours away that they would travel to for his treatment. 

Senator Scott’s personal story has a huge impact on his life and the way he thinks about providing quality healthcare that families can afford. This year, Senator Scott is focused on three areas when it comes to reforming the broken healthcare system: Reducing the cost of prescription drugs, protecting people with pre-existing conditions, and promoting price transparency throughout the healthcare system. 

This week, Senator Scott met with Floridians impacted by the high cost of prescription drugs, as well as industry representatives from across the country, to learn what we can start doing now to lower the cost of prescription drugs for American families.   

Senator Scott also sponsored a bill this week to make Daylight Saving Time permanent, fought to keep oil drilling off Florida’s coasts, and urged the Administration to stand strong against the Cuban and Venezuelan regimes. 

See more of what Senator Scott has been up to this week below.


Sen. Rick Scott Urges President Trump to Stand Strong and Fully Implement Libertad Act


Senator Rick Scott released the following statement ahead of action by the Administration to fully implement Title III and Title IV of the Libertad Act. This action would allow American citizens to sue companies and their subsidiaries for trafficking in stolen properties, and deny entry to the United States to foreign nationals involved in the trafficking of stolen properties in Cuba.


Senator Rick Scott said, "The Administration’s plan to fully and immediately implement Title III and IV of the Libertad Act signals to the international community that the United States is serious about its commitment to freedom and democracy in Cuba. Allowing American citizens to sue for stolen property in Cuba and denying foreign nationals involved in trafficking stolen property entry into the United States is a huge step toward cutting off the money supply to the Castro Regime. It is clear that where we see instability, chaos and violence in Latin America, we also see the fingerprints of the Castro regime and their money – and this action by the administration is an important step in stabilizing the entire region..." Read more HERE.



El senador Rick Scott exhorta al presidente Trump a mantenerse firme e implementar plenamente la Ley de Libertad


senador Rick Scott hoy hizo la siguiente declaración antes de la acción por parte de la Administración para implementar completamente el Título III y el Título IV de la Ley de Libertad. Esta acción permitiría a los ciudadanos estadounidenses demandar a empresas y sus subsidiarias por el tráfico de propiedades robadas, y negar la entrada a los Estados Unidos a ciudadanos extranjeros involucrados en el tráfico de propiedades robadas en Cuba.


El senador Rick Scott dijo: “El plan de la Administración para implementar completa e inmediatamente el Título III y IV de la Ley de Libertad demuestra a la comunidad internacional que los Estados Unidos toman en serio su compromiso con la libertad y la democracia en Cuba. Permitir que ciudadanos estadounidenses demanden por propiedades robadas en Cuba y negar la entrada a los Estados Unidos a ciudadanos extranjeros involucrados en el tráfico de propiedad robada es un gran paso para cortar el flujo de dinero al régimen de Castro. Es evidente que donde vemos inestabilidad, caos y violencia en América Latina, también vemos las huellas del régimen de Castro y su dinero, y esta acción por parte de la Administración es un paso importante para estabilizar la región..." Lea más AQUÍ.



Sen. Rick Scott to Florida’s Base Commanders: I’m Here to Help


Following a meeting at MacDill Air Force Base last week, Senator Rick Scott sent a letter to Florida Base Commanders outlining his commitment to supporting Florida’s service members. Senator Scott regularly met with base commanders throughout his eight years as Governor, and worked every day to make Florida the most military and veteran friendly state in the nation.

As a Senator and member of the Armed Services committee, Senator Scott will continue that mission. Senator Scott plans to hold regular meetings with leaders from all 20 Florida military bases. Read more, including the full letter, HERE.



Sen. Rick Scott: Washington Seems to Have Given Up on Reforming Healthcare. I Don’t Accept That.


Following a roundtable discussion with Floridians and healthcare leaders to hear their personal stories of dealing with soaring prescription drug costs, Senator Rick Scott spoke to the Federation of American Hospitals to share his commitment to finding common-sense solutions to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for Florida families.


Read his remarks a prepared for delivery HERE or watch his speech HERE.



Senator Rick Scott, Senator Marco Rubio and Representative Vern Buchanan introduced the Sunshine Protection Act, which would make Daylight Saving Time permanent


Senator Rick Scott, Senator Marco Rubio and Representative Vern Buchanan introduced the Sunshine Protection Act, which would make Daylight Saving Time permanent.

Senator Rick Scott said, “I was glad to sign legislation as Governor to continue Daylight Saving Time year-round for Floridians, and now join Senator Rubio to lead this effort in Congress. The Sunshine Protection Act will allow Floridians and visitors to enjoy our beautiful state even later in the day, and will benefit Florida’s tourism industry, which just celebrated another record year.” Read more HERE.



Sen. Rick Scott, Sen. Marco Rubio to Interior Department: Stand by Commitment and Exclude Florida from Offshore Drilling


Senator Rick Scott and Senator Marco Rubio sent a letter to U.S. Department of the Interior Acting Secretary David Bernhardt urging the Department to stand by its commitment to exclude Florida’s Gulf Coast from further consideration for offshore oil drilling. Read more, including the full letter, HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott to Colombian President Duque: Thank You for Supporting Freedom and Democracy in Latin America

Senator Rick Scott sent a letter to Colombian President Iván Duque thanking him for his work in Colombia to support freedom and democracy throughout Latin America, including welcoming Venezuelan refugees fleeing Maduro’s oppressive regime to his country. Read more, including the full letter, HERE.


Sen. Rick Scott Op-Ed: 
Secure borders or process – Democrats, Congress need to decide what really matters

Excerpts below; read the full article HERE.

President Trump campaigned on a promise to stop illegal immigration and secure the border. Some may not have liked his rhetoric or the way he chooses to talk about people – there were times when I certainly didn’t. But he won and now he’s keeping his promise to the American people.

Democrats, and some Republicans, are up in arms about his use of emergency powers to divert money to secure the border.

So, all Senators and Congressmen have to decide – which is more important?

Their long-held views regarding the proper processes by which decisions are made in Washington?

Or, their desire for America to have secure borders?

I can’t see how this is a hard decision to make. What is more important? The process? Or the policy?

I believe that the Democrats in Washington are badly out of step with the American public. Americans want secure borders, the national Democrat Party does not.

Americans also want results. The Democrat Party wants to argue about process.

I’ll stick with results.

Sen. Rick Scott on FOX News: the American Public Wants Border Security
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Sen. Rick Scott on CNBC: U.S. Must Stand Up to China
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Sen. Rick Scott on FOX Business: I’m Going to Fight Every Day for Floridians
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