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Yesterday, I spoke with Ed Funston on KILR radio in Estherville and Jim Johnson of the Anamosa Journal-Eureka about the Judiciary Committee field hearing in Iowa next week regarding the ongoing fight against meth, filibusters in the Senate, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and sanctuary cities. Listen here.

Q&A: Wrongdoing in Washington

Q:  Why was a college student awarded $4.1 million in a settlement with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)?

Q: What problems have you identified at the U.S. Marshals Service?

Q: Why is it key to protect the work of whistleblowers?

Taking the Mystery Out of College Costs

It’s frustrating for students to apply to colleges, get financial award letters and still not be able to figure out how much college will cost and what they can afford.  College sticker prices and financial award letters shouldn’t be a mystery.  I have two pieces of bipartisan legislation to help take the guesswork out of these costs.  A third bill would help students avoid taking out bigger federal loans than they need and that they might struggle to repay in their chosen professions.  The Net Price Calculator Improvement Act, the Understanding the True Cost of College Act and the Know Before You Owe Federal Student Loan Act are all pending and ready for Senate consideration.  

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