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Today I spoke with Vern Bloyd on KOKX radio in Keokuk and Russ Mitchell of the Dickinson Co. News about what's on the congressional agenda between now and Christmas (including the budget and Kate's law), pork in federal prisons, the Middle East and Russia, and wind energy and biofuels. Listen here. 

Rein in Washington's Overgrowth

Taxpayers work hard for their money. And they deserve to get their money’s worth, not have it squandered through wasteful spending by Washington. Read more.

The 99th County

This week I completed my meetings in Iowa’s 99 counties for the 35th year in a row.  I hold a meeting in each of Iowa’s 99 counties every year to hear what’s on Iowans’ minds.  Representative government is a two-way street.  I’m one half of the process and you, the people of Iowa, are the other half.  That’s why I hold these face-to-face meetings every year and encourage Iowans to keep in touch with me in other ways, too.  This year’s meetings were a mix of open town meetings, along with Q&A sessions with employees at work in their offices and factories, students at schools, and members of service clubs.  These different settings give me an opportunity to talk with people who otherwise might not be able to attend a town meeting.  

As I traveled the state, I heard questions and concerns on everything from the avian flu to ISIS, Social Security to ethanol, and health care to agriculture policy and federal regulations.  I take notes about all of these concerns to take back to Washington. 

To see my tweets and Instagram posts from this year’s meetings, search #99countymeetings.  I’m glad to have these opportunities to hear what’s on your minds and answer your questions.  I hope to see you again soon.

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