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This week, I spoke with Theresa Rose on KILJ radio in Mt. Pleasant about U.S. military efforts against ISIS, the Benghazi hearing, the budget deal, and tax reform. Listen here

Q&A: Rx Rip-Offs

Q: What can Congress do to address the high prices for prescription medicines?
Q: How do pay-for-delay deals work?
Q: How would your bill fix this problem?

It’s no trick: Cellulosic ethanol a treat for Iowa economy

Iowa is widely known for its first-rate hospitality, first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses and first-class production of corn, soybeans, pork and eggs.

Fewer people may realize that our state also is a rising star in America’s clean energy renaissance.

In fact, Iowa is leading America’s strategic efforts to foster energy independence and secure affordable, reliable and renewable sources of clean energy. Our state is on track to generate nearly 30 percent of its electricity from wind.

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As u know, Oct. is breast cancer awareness month. I'm a proud supporter of prevention & awareness. My wife is a 28 yr survivor

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Read Barbara Grassley's commentary in the Des Moines Register on breast cancer.