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This week I spoke with Captain Steve on KCJJ radio in Iowa City about a variety of topics including: remembering Senator Fred Thompson, cell phone tracking technology, sentencing reform, Russia in the Middle East, ISIS, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.  Listen here.    

Q&A: Veterans

Q: What is your message to Iowans this Veterans Day?
Q: What has Congress done this year to help veterans?
Q: Why did you create a veterans fellowship program?

Tax Dollars, Up in Smoke

It takes some doing to make such a mess.  The Pentagon spent $43 million on a natural gas filling station in Afghanistan that should have cost $500,000.  Afghans don’t even drive natural gas-fueled cars.  How did this colossal waste of tax dollars happen?  So far, the Pentagon isn’t saying.  But the watchdog who blew the whistle and the taxpayers need answers.  I’m on the case.  Read more here.


Good for patients, taxpayers:  Two pediatric dentists have been removed from federal health care programs.  Read more.  

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