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Today I spoke with Darin Svenson on KDEC radio in Decorah during my weekly Capitol Hill Report about a variety of topics including: Guantanamo Bay detainees, the budget and appropriation bills, immigration and my 12,000th vote in the U.S. Senate. Listen here

Q&A: National Adoption Month

Q: Why is adoption a public policy concern?
Q: How many kids in America go to bed each night without a permanent place to call home?
Q: What is Congress doing to promote adoption?

Terrorists to U.S. Soil?

Reports indicate that President Obama is considering ignoring current law, and moving hardened terrorists housed at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility to U.S. soil.  The President’s effort to close the Guantanamo Bay facility shows a naiveté in dealing with enemies and lawlessness when dealing with Congress.  There are a number of serious concerns with moving hardened terrorists to U.S. soil.  These include questions surrounding any additional legal, immigration and constitutional rights that terrorists would be afforded by such a move, as well as the obvious public safety threat that would come from permanently housing them in U.S. communities.  Read more about why people are worried about this.

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