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Watch: My report shows the federal bureaucracy's use of paid administrative leave costs taxpayers billions of dollars.

Q&A: Prescription Drugs

Q: Why are you working to increase imports of pharmaceuticals from Canada into the United States?
Q: Are Americans allowed to import drugs from Canada? 
Q: What other measures are you working on to address instability, affordability and accessibility for prescription medicine?

Quick Links

Grade A baloney: Defense Department employees in Afghanistan have a colorful reason for why they needed expensive villas and private security.  I'm investigating.

EPA drops the ball:The EPA's final renewable fuels rule is an improvement over its last proposal but still underestimates the capacity for farmers and producers to generate enough renewable fuel to meet higher goals.  Read more.

The $1,000 pill: I released a bipartisan report that sheds light on how a company prices a landmark prescription drug, new on the market and without competition in high demand.  Read more about my investigation.

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Just filmed CNN interview w Alexis Weed to be aired at later date

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