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This week, on a special THURSDAY edition of Washington Waste Wednesday, Senator Rick Scott released the following video after he voted “no” on the Senate’s massive 2-year budget deal that would add trillions of dollars to our national debt. Senator Scott ran on a plan to make Washington work for families, and today’s vote is just another example of Washington’s out-of-control spending. Watch the video HERE or below.


This week, Senator Scott sponsored::

Senator Scott also worked with his colleagues on the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation to pass the Coast Guard Reauthorization Act of 2019 this week, which continues U.S. Coast Guard operations and programs and included Senator Scott's proposals to support Coast Guard missions along Florida's coastlines. 

See more of what Senator Scott has been up to this week below.

Sen. Rick Scott: I Can’t Support Budget Deal That Increases Our National Debt

Senator Rick Scott released the following statement ahead of this week's budget deal vote.

Senator Rick Scott said, “I appreciate the work done by President Trump, Secretary Mnuchin, Leader McConnell and Senator Shelby. These are complicated deals to negotiate in divided government and I want to thank them for their hard work. This bill allows for significant investment in our military and doesn’t include the liberal poison bills that House Democrats usually try to insert into important legislation. That’s the good.  
“Unfortunately, this bill allows for trillions of dollars to be added to our national debt, includes huge increases in nondefense discretionary spending, and doesn’t even try to pay for it by cutting wasteful spending. I’m worried about the staggering debt we’re leaving for our children and grandchildren. Too often in Washington, compromise means both sides get everything they want so that no one has to make a tough choice. I can’t support that. As Governor of Florida, I turned a $4 billion deficit into $3 billion annual surpluses and was the first Governor in 20 years to pay down state debt. We paid down $10 billion in state debt – almost one-third of total debt. It can be done, but you have to be willing to make tough choices.  

“I will vote “no” on this budget deal. As long as I am a member of the United States Senate, I will fight to rein in the out of control spending that is putting our economy at risk.”  Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott: We Must Find Solution to Allow TPS for Venezuelans

Senator Rick Scott made the following statement regarding Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Venezuelans fleeing Nicolás Maduro’s oppressive regime.

Senator Rick Scott said, “We need to find a solution now to allow TPS for Venezuelans. Maduro is killing his citizens. It’s a genocide. Every passing day, the situation on the ground grows worse. I’m disappointed that the Administration has so far declined to approve TPS for Venezuelans, though I do understand their concerns about approving TPS without reforming the program. The courts have basically made a temporary program permanent, which is not sustainable. We need to protect the vulnerable Venezuelan population while making sure human rights violators are clearly identified as ineligible. I’m working with my colleagues on legislative solutions to this problem and am committed to working across the aisle to resolve any concerns.” Read more HERE.

Senador Rick Scott: Debemos encontrar una solución para extender el TPS a los venezolanos

El senador Rick Scott hizo la siguiente declaración sobre el estatus de Protección Temporal (TPS) para los venezolanos que huyen del régimen opresivo de Nicolás Maduro.

El senador Rick Scott dijo: “Necesitamos encontrar una solución ahora para extender el TPS a los venezolanos. Maduro está matando a sus ciudadanos. Es un genocidio. Cada día que pasa, la situación en el país empeora. Estoy decepcionado de que la Administración hasta el momento se haya negado a aprobar el TPS para los venezolanos, aunque entiendo sus preocupaciones sobre la aprobación del TPS sin reformar el programa. Los tribunales básicamente han hecho que un programa temporal sea permanente, lo que no es sostenible. Necesitamos proteger a la población vulnerable venezolana y al mismo tiempo asegurarnos de que violadores de los derechos humanos estén claramente identificados como no elegibles. Estoy trabajando con mis colegas en soluciones legislativas para resolver este problema y estoy comprometido a trabajar con ambos partidos para resolver cualquier inquietud”. Lea más AQUÍ

Sen. Rick Scott Introduces Legislation to Get Peace Corps Out of China, Align Mission with National Security Interests

Senator Rick Scott introduced the Peace Corps Mission Accountability Act, a bill to get the Peace Corps out of China and align operations with the national security interests of the United States. The Peace Corps Mission Accountability Act will prohibit all Peace Corps activity in hostile countries, like China, and transfer oversight to the Department of State. Currently, the Peace Corps has no effective oversight, operating as an independent agency within the executive branch.

Senator Rick Scott said, “The Peace Corps has an honorable mission of promoting freedom and spreading American ideals to developing countries around the world. We want the Peace Corps to do good work across the globe - just not with our enemies like China. The Peace Corps continues to use taxpayer dollars to support programs in places like China, which continues to steal our technology and intellectual property, refuses to open up their markets, is militarizing the South China Sea, violates human rights and supports Maduro’s genocide in Venezuela. The Peace Corps Mission Accountability Act provides the oversight necessary to make sure all Peace Corps activities are in line with our national security interests and in underdeveloped countries that truly need our help – not wealthy nations like China. This is about protecting both taxpayer money and the American people.” Read more HERE.

Senators Rick Scott, Chris Van Hollen Introduce Common-Sense Legislation to Reduce Prescription Drug Costs

Senators Rick Scott and Chris Van Hollen introduced the We Protect American Investment in Drugs (PAID) Act of 2019 to address the soaring cost of prescription drug prices. The We PAID Act prohibits Pharmaceutical companies developing prescription drugs using federally-funded research, like NIH or CDC grants, from charging American consumers unreasonable prices for life-saving drugs.

Senator Rick Scott said, “There is no reason drug companies, especially those using taxpayer dollars to fund their research, should be charging Americans unreasonable prices for life-saving drugs. Families in Florida and across our nation are struggling to afford the prescription drugs they need to survive. The We PAID Act is one thing we can do to reduce the costs of drugs. If you used taxpayer-funded research to develop your drugs, you can’t charge unreasonable prices to American patients. It’s as simple as that. I urge all my colleagues to join Senator Van Hollen and I in support of this bipartisan and common sense legislation.” Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott Applauds Passage of Coast Guard Reauthorization, Including His Proposals to Support Coast Guard Missions in Florida

Senator Rick Scott applauded the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation’s passage of the Coast Guard Reauthorization Act of 2019 to continue United States Coast Guard (USCG) operations and programs through Fiscal Year 2021 and provide additional resources for USCG members.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Our Coast Guard keeps families in Florida safe by patrolling the beaches, shore waters, and maritime territory of our state and by conducting search and rescue operations. It is our duty to make sure they have every resource they need to be successful and protect American families. I’m proud to have worked with my colleagues on the Committee to pass the Coast Guard Reauthorization Act, which includes my proposals to make sure members of the Coast Guard get paid during any future government shutdowns and expand the Coast Guard’s use of unmanned aircraft systems and maritime patrol aircrafts to help identify and interdict illicit drugs.” Read more HERE.

Group of Bipartisan Former Governors Release Joint Statement on Why They Voted Against Budget Deal

Senator Rick Scott and a bipartisan group of former Governors released the below statement after voting “no” on the Senate’s massive 2-year budget deal that will add trillions of dollars to our national debt.

Senators Rick Scott, Joe Manchin, Mitt Romney and Tom Carper said, "We want to thank our colleagues, Chairman Shelby and Ranking Member Leahy, for all the work they and their staffs did to put this package together. We recognize that theirs was not an easy task, and we’re grateful that they were willing to work so hard to put it together. Having said that, as former Governors, we were responsible for setting a budget each year that was fiscally responsible to fund our priorities. That’s why today, we, as U.S. Senators, cannot bring ourselves to vote for this budget deal that does not put our country on a fiscally sustainable path. We cannot continue to ignore the fact that our country’s $22 trillion national debt is dangerous and unsustainable. We did not run our states this way, and it’s why, now as U.S. Senators, we feel strongly that we must lead by example and say that this is not the way to run our country either.” Read more from Senator Manchin's office HERE.

Senators Scott, Rubio, Schatz and Hirono Introduce Bill to Restore and Conserve America’s Coral Reefs

Senator Rick Scott joined Senators Marco Rubio, Brian Schatz and Mazie Hirono, along with colleagues from the House, to introduce the Restoring Resilient Reefs Act of 2019. This bill will reauthorize and modernize the Coral Reef Conservation Act of 2000 to help restore and protect our nation’s coral reef ecosystems.

Senator Rick Scott said, “People from across the world come to Florida because of the state’s natural beauty. During my eight years as Governor, Florida’s annual investments to preserve the environment increased by $1 billion to make sure future generations can enjoy all that Florida has to offer. Today, I’m proud to join Senator Rubio, Senator Schatz, Senator Hirono and our colleagues in the House to introduce the Restoring Resilient Reefs Act of 2019, which will build on our efforts and help restore and protect our coral reef ecosystems.” Read more from Senator Rubio's office HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott in the Washington Examiner: I Couldn’t Vote for a Budget Deal that Increased National Debt for Future Generations

Senator Rick Scott published an op-ed in the Washington Examiner explaining his “no” vote on the budget deal.

In the op-ed, Senator Rick Scott wrote, “I voted against the most recent budget deal for one reason: It was an abdication of our moral responsibility to our children and our grandchildren.

This was a compromise bill. Compromises can often be good. Sometimes in policy-making, neither side gets everything they want. But too often in Washington, compromise means both sides get everything they want so no one has to make a choice, let alone a tough choice.

The budget deal that was just passed by Congress allowed for significant increases in our defense spending, and if that was the only thing in this bill I would have proudly voted "yes." But it wasn’t.

This bill suspended the debt ceiling for two full years, allowing for trillions of dollars in more debt to be added to our already astronomical $22 trillion national debt. The bill allowed for a significant increase in non-defense spending (presumably to get House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic caucus on board). And worst of all, negotiators didn’t even try to pay for the spending increases by cutting government waste. For the $320 billion in new spending this bill allows, there is $75 billion in what congressional leaders generously call “offsets.” The bulk of these “offsets” are budgetary gimmicks that will never go into effect.

As long as I am a member of the Senate, I will fight to rein in the out of control spending that is putting our country’s future at risk. I have to, so I can look my grandkids in the eye and tell them I’m doing everything I can to leave this country a little better than I found it.”

Read the full op-ed in the Washington Examiner HERE.

WFLA: Sen. Scott Pushing For Better Information for Consumers on Origin of Apps, Products 
Watch the clip HERE or below.


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Sen. Rick Scott, U.M. President Frenk Announce NCI Designation for Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center


Senator Rick Scott joined University of Miami President Julio Frenk and Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center Director Dr. Stephen Nimer at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Campus to announce the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center’s National Cancer Institute (NCI) Designation. Read more from the University of Miami HERE.

Senator Rick Scott said, “It’s an honor to join President Julio Frenk and Director Dr. Stephen Nimer today to announce Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center’s NCI designation. This is an incredible accomplishment that will positively impact the lives of so many in Florida and across the nation. Throughout my time as Governor, I worked to make Florida the best in the nation for cancer research, and I’ll continue that work as Senator so we can provide all families with access to world-class treatment.” 

Also this week in Florida...

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration awarded a $7.5 million grant to help build the Tampa Bay Innovation Center Incubator, a 45,000 square foot state-of-the-art business facility, and a $2.4 million grant to help build the Gateway College Commercial Vehicle Driving Postsecondary Adult Vocational Facility. This is great news for these communities and the state of Florida!

JAXPORT announced a record number of container and auto moves during the first three quarters of the 2019 fiscal year! Florida’s ports are an important part of Florida's economy and this continued growth leads to more opportunities for families across the state. 

Academy Nominations

Interested in serving our great country? Senator Scott has the honor to nominate candidates for appointment to U.S. Military Academies.Visit our website HERE and spread the word to all individuals seeking appointment to a service academy TODAY!

Judicial Vacancies 

Senator Scott remains committed to filling Florida's federal judicial vacancies in Florida’s Southern District and Middle District with the best-qualified candidates to serve our state and nation. Interested candidates may contact our office or find more information on current federal judicial vacancies HERE.













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