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Yesterday, I spoke with Jim Turbes on "Tuned In" on KWBG radio in Boone about a variety of topics including: GMO labeling, term limits, immigration, bills on the agenda in my Judiciary Committee,, and Russia's involvement in the Middle East. Listen here.  

Q&A: Sunshine Week

Q:  What drives your crusade to open up government business to the public?
Q:  How do you work to pull back the curtain of secrecy and win public disclosure?
Q:  What else is on the horizon for sunshine laws?

Quick Links

  • I’ve co-sponsored two bills to improve services for veterans, on reducing the appeals backlog and improving suicide prevention among female veterans.
  • Social media exploitation is an emerging problem for nursing home residents.  I’m seeking an accounting of the prevention and enforcement of this crime from the Justice Department. 
  • Sarah Root, a 21-year-old Iowa native, was killed by a drunk driver who was in the United States illegally.  In a speech on the Senate floor, I paid tribute to Sarah and others who have been hurt because of lax immigration enforcement policies set by the current administration.
  • The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act that I led through the Judiciary Committee and the Senate is being praised.  Here’s what others are saying about it. 
  • The Senate yesterday unanimously approved the FOIA Improvement Act.  I led the bill through the Judiciary Committee and spoke on the Senate floor before it was approved.  The bill requires the government to adopt a “presumption of openness” when processing requests for government records via the Freedom of Information Act.

Post of the Week

(photo courtesy of World Food Prize)

Farming: Each farmer in America feeds right around 150 people around the world. Hats off to generations of farmers whose livelihoods put food on our tables and fuel in our cars, trucks and tractors. A special salute to Iowa farm boy, Norman Borlaug, for his life’s work credited with saving one billion people from starvation.