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Last week I spoke with Jim Turbes on KWBG radio in Boone about biotech labeling legislation, immigration laws, Russia's involvement in Syria, and a Finance Committee hearing on the user accessibility of Listen here.

Q&A: Clean Energy Fuels the Economy

Q. Why is an "all-of-the-above" energy policy good for the economy and national security?
Q. How big of an impact is the wind energy industry in Iowa?
Q. How does Iowa rank with renewable fuels?

Quick Links:

  • Spring flowers bring tax scammers.  Here are tips for avoiding scams and remedies if you’ve been hit.  

  • The Department of Veterans Affairs admitted it botched customer service for veterans.  Iowans helped me get the VA’s attention and its promise to do better. 

  • More on veterans:  I’ve asked the Wounded Warrior Project about allegations of questionable spending.

  • Good news.  As I requested, the watchdog over U.S. military spending in Afghanistan will conduct audits to see what happened to hundreds of millions of dollars there.

  • Executive power grabs through excessive regulations have skyrocketed in recent years.  The Separation of Powers Restoration Act clarifies that the courts, not agencies, have the authority to independently interpret the law.

Post of the Week:

Standing w ppl of Belgium. We ALL must remain vigilant agst threats. Must all realize jihadist want kill ppl of western society

Posted by Senator Chuck Grassley on Tuesday, March 22, 2016