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Last week I spoke with Eric VanSickle of the Waverly Newspapers and Maureen Olsen of the Neola Gazette about the war on terror, the Supreme Court and the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Act. Listen here.

Q&A: Senate Judiciary Committee

Q. What issues are handled by the Senate Judiciary Committee?
Q. What has the Judiciary Committee achieved so far this Congress?
Q. What's something about the Judiciary Committee people are surprised to learn?

Quick Links:

  • Food security concerns are being raised about a state owned company in China that wants to buy agricultural giant Syngenta.  I’ve begun urging the Department of the Treasury to include experts at the Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration in the review of the merger.
  • An undocumented immigrant charged with killing a young Iowan while drag racing drunk skipped his court appearance and remains at large after immigration authorities ignored requests to detain him. I’m seeking an explanation for why the Obama Administration failed to act.
  • I’m asking the Justice Department why it appears to have prosecuted so few IRS impersonation scams, despite the vast prevalence of such crimes.
  • The United States needs to enforce unfair trade practices. Here’s the latest example.
  • Federal agencies are too slow on some anti-opioid abuse measures and send mixed messages on marijuana.

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