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What Thom’s Been Up To:

Fighting A Fundamentally Flawed Iran Deal

After reviewing President Obama’s Iran nuclear agreement, Thom has been fighting to defeat this bad deal that endangers not only the United States but all of our allies. Concession after concession was made during negotiations to the point where the President was seemingly intent on striking any deal with Iran no matter the costs. Thom recently wrote an op-ed outlining just how catastrophic this deal can be for America: 



“President Obama now claims that this was the best deal that could have been negotiated. That is patently false. An acceptable deal would have degraded and ultimately prevented Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear weapon for the foreseeable future. This deal – a bad one – accepts the inevitability of a nuclear Iran and merely seeks to delay it. We should have walked away, imposed additional economic sanctions, and forced Iran back to the negotiating table to strike an agreement that would have actually enhanced the security of the U.S. and the rest of the world.”


Traveling North Carolina – Learning From You

Thom took advantage of Congress’ August recess to travel across North Carolina  meeting with North Carolina citizens and business owners. From promoting youth mentoring programs on the coast in Wilmington, to pressing for stronger jobs in the Triad, to attending the North Carolina Apple Festival in Hendersonville, Thom spent invaluable time in North Carolina listening to what he can do for you.


Continuing to Push for Fair Eugenics Compensation

Thom is continuing to fight for Eugenics victims. In addition to sponsoring federal legislation to exempt victims of forced sterilization programs from calculations the government uses to determine eligibility for Medicaid and other federal benefits. Thom wrote an op-ed in USA Today explaining why it’s time to stop victimizing our victims. 

"Presently, the federal government counts the payments against one’s eligibility for federal benefits such as Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance," he wrote. "Instead of helping the victims and their families make ends meet, the payments could actually result in the denial of the federal benefits they are entitled to. While no amount of money or benefits will ever return to these individuals what they lost, now is time for other states to follow the lead of North Carolina and Virginia and pass similar compensation payment programs to help right the wrongs of the past. America will be better off for it.”


In Case You Missed It:

Thom Opens Office in Western North Carolina

While Thom was in Hendersonville for the western North Carolina Apple Festival, he simultaneously announced the opening of his office in Hendersonville, North Carolina. The final leg of the state office expansion is part of Thom’s ongoing effort to broaden the range of services offered by his staff to North Carolinians in every corner of the state. Located in the Historic Courthouse, Thom encourages all constituents to call or stop in with requests or questions.

You may visit the Hendersonville office at 1 Historic Courthouse Square, Suite 112 Hendersonville, NC 28792. You may also call them at (828) 693-8750 or send a fax to (828) 693-9724.