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Last week I spoke with A.J. Taylor of KIOW radio in Forest City and KHAM radio in Britt and Jamie Whitney of the Pocahontas Record-Democrat and the Buena Vista County Journal about the Farm Payment Loophole Elimination Act, the Defend Trade Secrets Act, the Supreme Court vacancy and the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act.

Q&A: Tax Freedom Day

Q. What is Tax Freedom Day?
Q. Where is Congress in the budget process this year?

Quick Links

  • The law improving the tax fraud whistleblower program that I wrote is one of the reasons why Americans may not show up on the Panama Papers offshore tax avoidance list, according to experts quoted in The Washington Post.  
  • Here’s a guest column on how my Pharmacy and Medically Underserved Areas Enhancement Act would encourage pharmacists to offer health care advice and expand expert access in rural Iowa.
  • Farm payments were intended to help small- and medium-sized farmers get through the ups and downs of farming that are out of their control.  My Farm Payment Loophole Elimination Act would close a loophole that was included in the 2014 farm bill that allows non-farming family members to receive farm payments.
  • It’s tax filing season again, which means many fraudsters are busy trying to swipe the tax returns of unwitting Americans.  To help cut down on tax return thieves, I introduced the Tax Return Identity Theft Protection Act, which increases penalties for perpetrators and removes hurdles for prosecutors of identity theft.
  • A happy ending for an Iowa couple and their adoption of two children from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 


Post of the Week


Had pleasant bfast w Judge Garland this morning. Explained why the Senate won't be moving fwd w his nomination. Next prez will decide after the ppl have a voice.

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