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I spoke with Dan and Dan on WOC radio in Davenport about the Supreme Court, veterans, the military and overtime wages. 

Q&A: Older Americans Month

Q. What is Older Americans Month?
Q. What policy issues for older Americans are you advancing in Washington?

Quick Links:

  • Obamacare is disappointing to many Americans. Congress should replace it with something that works.  
  • Too many public housing authority executives abuse taxpayer dollars to feather their own nests rather than help people in need. I’m putting the brakes on this corruption.
  • The EPA proposed a level for renewable fuels that must be blended into the fuel supply that’s not ideal but still a positive step. Maybe the EPA is finally listening to biofuels producers.
  • I have more questions for the tax-advantaged Wounded Warrior Project on how much it spends on veterans services.  
  • My bill to help hospitals in Carroll, Grinnell, Newton and Spirit Lake received a boost.  
  • I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made with the bipartisan Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act. As the lead author, I’m confident that this bill will make our communities stronger and safer while saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in the process.  Two important law enforcement groups also recently endorsed the bill.

Post of the Week

Had the opportunity to welcome another honor flight w American heroes from various wars. This flight came from eastern Iowa

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