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I spoke about the Adam Walsh Reauthorization Act, the Military Justice Improvement Act, the VA and TSA security during a conference call with Iowa radio networks.

Q&A: Memorial Day

Q. Why is Memorial Day a federal holiday?
Q. What's another way for the federal government to honor the legacy of our fallen heroes?

Quick Links:

  • Every year I hold meetings in all of Iowa’s 99 counties to answer questions on any subject and hear what’s on Iowans’ minds. Next week I’m holding four town meetings in Southeast and North Central Iowa.
  • An investigation into Pentagon reports of sexual assault cases in the military produced disturbing findings. Sexual assault is a serious crime. I joined a bipartisan coalition of senators to stand on the side of justice for survivors.
  • As Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, I take my oversight responsibilities seriously. After a thorough investigation, I’ve made sure that a tax-exempt hospital is doing a better job of meeting its tax obligations to help low-income patients.
  • Communities have a right to know the whereabouts of convicted sex offenders to keep their families safe. This week the senate unanimously passed my bill to track sex offenders and for the first time include a survivors' 'bill of rights' for victims of sexual assault.

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Thx to the National Retail Federation for recognizing me as a 2016 "hero of Main Street"

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