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I spoke with Lara Netolicky from the Anamosa Journal-Eureka and Rick Patrie from the Eldora Newspaper about the Supreme Court, the GOP convention, job creation in Iowa and the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act.

Q&A: Red Tape

Q. Why does red tape harm economic growth?
Q. How big is Washington's regulatory wheel of red tape and why does it matter how big it gets?
Q. How is concern about too many laws and over-regulation rooted in our nation's history?

Quick Links:

  • The Senate passed my resolution recognizing National Foster Care Month. Find out more about all the work I’m doing with the Senate Caucus on Foster Youth to address the challenges children face in the foster care system.
  • You’ve heard me reiterate the need for greater transparency regarding the expenditures of the Defense Department’s Task Force for Business and Stability Operations in Afghanistan. I’ve requested financial audits to seek accountability for the wasteful spending and increase integrity in these kinds of programs going forward.
  • Annuities help ensure a secure retirement for many Americans. That’s why I started asking questions when the Labor Department announced a regulation that could limit a popular type of this product.
  • This week I continued my longstanding practice of holding meetings in each of Iowa’s 99 counties to take comments and questions from Iowans. I visited Appanoose County, Davis County, Wapello County, Van Buren County, Jefferson County, Keokuk County, Mahaska County, Story County, Humboldt County and Webster County to take questions on various issues such as mental health, veterans, Obamacare, agriculture, drug prices and the Second Amendment.
  • After his son committed suicide in 2010 after ingesting legal synthetic drugs that can cause hallucination, psychosis and other severe side effects, Mike Rozga from Indianola has been tireless in his efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of these synthetic narcotics. Mr. Rozga will share his family’s story with these deadly drugs next week before the Senate Judiciary Committee which I lead.

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