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I spoke with Maureen Olsen from the Neola Gazette and Dennis Morrice with KLEM radio in Le Mars about the presidential election process, my 99 county meetings and accountability measures for tax-exempt hospitals. 

Q&A: The Zika Virus

Q. What is the Zika virus?
Q. Since there is no vaccine, what preventive steps may people take?
Q. What can Congress do to address the Zika virus?

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  • The recent rise in the production, marketing and sale of synthetic drugs to youth is an issue throughout the country. This week the Senate Judiciary Committee, which I chair, heard testimony from an Indianola man about his family’s connection with this deadly drug following his son’s suicide after ingesting a legal synthetic drug. The hearing was held to begin exploring solutions to get ahead of the poison peddlers.   
  • I was deeply troubled when I found out that the Defense Department apparently was misleading Congress about 93 cases of sexual assault in the military. Sexual assault is a serious crime and the survivors deserve justice. I am part of a bipartisan coalition of senators requesting an independent investigation into this matter and seeking a vote on a bill setting up a better system to achieve justice.
  • While a valuable law enforcement tool, our current asset forfeiture laws are ripe for abuse. I’m introducing legislation that would strengthen protections available to people whose assets were seized. 
  • Public safety officers show up to work willing to sacrifice their lives to keep their communities safe. It is unacceptable that the Justice Department forces families of fallen officers to wait long periods of time to hear back about their benefits claims. I’m leading the legislative effort to help reduce this backlog by shining a little sunlight on the program.  
  • Nursing home residents deserve safe, dignified care. I continue to pursue ways to solve the problem of the small minority of nursing home staff who have exploited residents using social media.

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