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I spoke with Mike Adams on AgriTalk radio about the biotech and seed industry, potential agricultural mergers, the Waters of the U.S. rule, biotech labeling and the Supreme Court.

Q&A: Check on Obamacare

Q. How is the Affordable Care Act stacking up to expectations?
Q. Why did you introduce the "Small Business Healthcare Relief Act?"

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The Orlando nightclub attack is an awful reminder that there are terrorists both here and abroad who want to destroy America and kill Americans. We must keep our eye on the ball and not get distracted. We’re fighting for our freedoms.

My inquiry into the Red Cross’ response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake revealed new details of spending on program management and other internal expenses. The people who give generously to charitable causes deserve complete transparency. The Red Cross should be fully forthcoming with details about where donor money goes and how it’s used. 

Crimes targeting America’s seniors, from financial exploitation, to physical abuse and neglect, are becoming more common. This week, the Senate passed a resolution I cosponsored to raise awareness of elder abuse. I’m also working to ensure that perpetrators of crimes against vulnerable seniors are held accountable for the full extent of their crime. 

The rising cost of prescription drugs is a consistent topic at my Q&A meetings in Iowa. I’m introducing new legislation to help combat rising drug prices for Iowans. 

The Dow-DuPont merger has the potential to impact consumers, farmers and the entire seed and biotech industry. I'm asking the Justice Department to carefully scrutinize any deal.

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