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I spoke with Dan and Dan on WOC radio in Davenport about gun control and terrorism.

Q&A: Affordable Rx

Q. What is contributing to the cost of prescription drugs? 
Q. What is the latest anti-competitive tactic that is keeping drug costs high for Iowans?
Q. How would your bipartisan CREATES legislation save patients and taxpayers money?

Quick Links

Senate Agriculture Committee leaders reached an agreement on a GMO labeling bill that would eliminate a patchwork of state laws. Here’s my comment on the issue.

I’m looking at how foreign state-owned enterprises are participating in the American economy, including using a U.S. law that could provide some state-owned enterprises immunity from lawsuits.

As Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, I’ve worked to combat human trafficking. This week, I was proud to join advocates in making clear that children being trafficked for sex are not criminals. They are victims of sexual abuse.

Approximately 30,000 children and adults in the United States fight an everyday battle to live healthy, regular lives with cystic fibrosis. This week, the Senate Cystic Fibrosis Caucus, which I co-chair, teamed up with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to promote awareness, research and policies toward a good quality of life and a cure.

Biofuel investment has lagged because the Environmental Protection Agency has continually dropped the ball on creating stable, forward-looking biofuel volume requirements. The biofuel industry supports economic growth, job creation and energy security. I led a bipartisan group of senators calling for the EPA to create a strong Renewable Fuel Standard in 2017.

Last week, the Senate held a number of votes seeking to keep terrorists from getting firearms. The results showed there isn’t an easy solution.  

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