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You sent me to Washington with a mission to cut wasteful government spending and eliminate inefficiencies. At a time when our national debt is over $19 trillion, it's time to get serious about stopping reckless and unnecessary spending. That's why each month I highlight areas of wasteful government pork barrel spending, abuse, and fraud and give out the Squeal Award.

Squeal Award: The USS Gerald Ford's Costly Delays and Inefficiencies

Recent reports indicate that the United States Navy’s latest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald Ford, is over budget and two years behind schedule, with likely more delays to come. The carrier was originally scheduled to join the fleet in September 2014, but according to the Navy, the final delivery date could now be as late as 2017. In addition to its massive delays, the carrier has also racked up an abundance of additional expenses, putting it well over its initial budget. Due to these cost overruns, the USS Ford is now estimated to cost nearly $13 billion – that’s $2.3 billion over initial estimates!

Aside from being a gross misuse of taxpayer dollars, the problems plaguing the Ford-class system have also resulted in extended deployments overseas, putting a greater strain on our servicemembers and their families. 

Last year during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, I spoke out against this unacceptable waste, and questioned the Department of Defense on why they were not focusing on program management and cost overruns to deal with this wasteful spending epidemic. 

One way to prevent this overspending from happening in the future could be through my program management legislation, which was included in the Fiscal Year 2017 National Defense Authorization Act. This bipartisan legislation puts our federal government back on track by streamlining efforts and outlining strategies to correct widespread deficiencies, lax oversight and unnecessary cost overruns incurred by preventable delays in meeting stated program goals and deadlines. The Senate also passed my bipartisan standalone bill, the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act, last fall.

I will continue to look for ways to improve our program management and curb this reckless spending. I hereby present this month's Squeal Award to the USS Gerald Ford's costly delays and inefficiencies. 

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