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This week, Senator Rick Scott worked with his colleagues to pass the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, which will bring relief to Florida families and individuals, small businesses and workers while confronting our increased health care needs during this crisis. The bill provides:

  • Direct assistance to families through recovery checks, expanded unemployment insurance and relief of student loan payments; 
  • More than $350 billion in small business loans and expanded eligibility for SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans;
  • Funding to those fighting the Coronavirus on the front lines, including hospitals and health care workers;
  • Increased supply of critical medical equipment, including personal protective equipment (PPEs) and ventilators; and
  • Supports expanded testing and supports the development of new vaccines and treatments. 
Senator Rick Scott said, "I have significant reservations about many provisions in this bill that are antithetical to everything I believe in, but we’re facing a crisis and this is the only option to get immediate help to small businesses and unemployed workers. My focus is on the workers who have lost their jobs, had their hours cut or are getting lower tips, and small businesses that have been forced to close or have lost significant revenue. I want to make sure the people that need help the most can get the help they need, but we still need to be responsible with taxpayer money.


“There are many good things in this bill – more funding for our health care workers, personal protective equipment and expanded testing, and more support for small businesses. I was also glad that negotiators included many of the recommendations I’ve been making over the last few weeks. 


“I called for using the existing Unemployment Insurance program, which employers have paid into and is already well-funded in many states, as the best and most direct way of getting money to workers who have been laid off, furloughed, or had their hours reduced. This bill does that... I called for a moratorium on financial payments, including rent, mortgages, credit card payments, taxes, and utilities. While this bill doesn’t go as far as I would like, the moratorium on evictions will provide much-needed relief and peace of mind for those struggling to make ends meet.

“I was very clear about my opposition to bailouts for big corporations. These companies have enjoyed a decade of financial success and a blank check from taxpayers was unacceptable. While I still fear this bill could be used to provide relief to companies that can afford to take care of their workers without government assistance, I’m glad to see it requires a return on investment for the taxpayers. It also includes significant oversight of how the funds are disbursed and prevents these companies from laying off their workers or buying back their stock. I will be vigilant in making sure that these companies don’t abuse this process.

“But there are provisions in this bill that I wholeheartedly disagree with... We have to remember that $2 trillion in new spending means a $2 trillion tax increase somewhere down the road – even in a crisis, we need to be smart about how we spend taxpayer dollars....The price tag on this bill is staggering. This bill amounts to almost $6,000 in new debt for every man, woman and child in America. We should not fool ourselves into thinking this is something we can afford. When this crisis is over, Congress MUST propose a plan that cuts federal spending over 10 years by AT LEAST the total amount this bill spends – funding for the Kennedy Center should be the first thing we cut. We MUST address our growing annual deficits and national debt. We have no excuse. 

“This week, the Senate has taken significant steps to support American workers and small businesses that are struggling. But we CANNOT forget that the best economic stimulus is to stem the spread of the Coronavirus and get the American people back to work. I will focus every day on what I can do to make that a reality.” Read more HERE.

Keeping families safe and healthy is Senator Scott's #1 priority.
See a list of resources and information available to Floridians by visiting

See more of what Senator Scott has been up to this week below.

Sen. Rick Scott: We’ll Get Through This Together

This week, Senator Rick Scott released the video below thanking every American, especially our health care workers, first responders and everyone working to keep our families safe and healthy as we take steps to end the Coronavirus. Senator Rick Scott released a 30-day plan to help get America back to normal following the spread of the Coronavirus – read more HERE.


Sen. Rick Scott Requests Information on Resources to Help Schools Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Senator Rick Scott sent a letter to U.S. Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos requesting additional information on resources available for schools to help students stay safe and continue their education while we work to end the Coronavirus. Read more, including the full letter, HERE.

Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio Urge President Trump to Approve Florida Request for Major Disaster Declaration

Senator Rick Scott and Senator Marco Rubio wrote a letter to President Trump urging him to approve Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ request for a major disaster declaration in Florida as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Read more, including the full letter, from Senator Rubio's office HERE

Sen. Rick Scott Provides Updates on Florida’s Mobile Testing Sites

Senator Rick Scott released the following statement commending the Florida counties that have implemented mobile testing sites, and continuing his call for robust testing across the state. Last week, Senator Scott called for every county in the country to have at least one mobile testing site – with counties in hot spots like New York and South Florida needing more than one. 

Senator Rick Scott said, “I thank those Florida counties that were quick to implement mobile testing sites. Robust testing is the best way to stop the growth of the Coronavirus and help Americans get back to their normal lives. I am working with local officials across the state to make sure robust testing is available in every county and they have all the federal resources they need to keep Floridians safe.” Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott: We Must Stop Growth Rate of Coronavirus to Save Lives and Economy

This week, Senator Rick Scott released daily updates on the growth rate of cases of the Coronavirus by state according to Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering data. Senator Scott is releasing this information daily to show which states are slowing the growth of Coronavirus. See updates from this week HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Last week, I put out a 30-day plan to help Americans return to their normal lives as soon as we can, but it will take everyone in the nation to implement this plan. We cannot completely close our economy. When states completely close their economy, it hurts the poorest families’ ability to put food on the table. Our goal has to be to get the economy back open and that will happen once we stop the growth of Coronavirus in our nation. We’re in this together and we’re going to beat this. However, we can’t get back to normal if we don’t stop the Coronavirus. We need to start looking at the growth rate of cases by state to see which states are stopping the spread of the virus so we can share best practices. Once robust testing is available, we will be able to see which states are making better progress, with the goal of no new cases.” Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott Urges All Financial, Utility Companies to Provide Much-Needed Relief 

Senator Rick Scott released the below statement commending U.S. companies that are taking steps to help individuals and small businesses that are struggling because of the Coronavirus, and calling on all companies to follow their lead. 

Senator Rick Scott said, “As part of my 30-day plan to get back to normal, I called for a moratorium on financial payments, including rent, mortgages, credit card payments, taxes, and utilities. There are many great companies across our nation that are stepping up to help individuals and small businesses that are struggling. I commend their efforts, and call on others to follow suit to help all Americans. We won’t forget the companies that provided relief for their customers and did their part to help those struggling to make ends meet.” Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott Applauds Administration for Charging Venezuelan Dictator Maduro with Narco-Terrorism

Senator Rick Scott released the below statement applauding the Department of Justice for charging Nicolás Maduro and 14 current and former Venezuelan officials with narco-terrorism, corruption, drug trafficking and other criminal charges. 

Senator Rick Scott said, “I’ve encouraged the Trump Administration to do everything in its power to hold Maduro accountable for his crimes and the genocide he is committing on the people of Venezuela. I am glad the Department of Justice is taking the historic step to indict Maduro. His brutal regime is crumbling and it’s time for him to back down. We will never stop fighting to free the people of Venezuela, and the United States will always stand with those fighting for freedom, democracy and human rights.” Read more HERE.

El senador Rick Scott aplaude a la Administración por presentar cargos en contra del dictador venezolano Maduro de narco-terrorismo

El senador Rick Scott hizo la siguiente declaración aplaudiendo al Departamento de Justicia por presentar cargos en contra de Nicolás Maduro y 14 funcionarios venezolanos actuales y pasados, de narcotráfico, corrupción, tráfico de drogas y otros cargos criminales.

El senador Rick Scott dijo: “He motivado a la Administración Trump a hacer todo lo que esté en su poder para responsabilizar a Maduro por sus crímenes y el genocidio que está cometiendo contra la gente de Venezuela. Me alegra que el Departamento de Justicia esté dando un paso histórico en acusar a Maduro. Su brutal régimen se está desmoronando y es hora de que se retire del poder. Nunca dejaremos de luchar para liberar al pueblo de Venezuela, y los Estados Unidos siempre estarán con aquellos que luchan por la libertad, la democracia y los derechos humanos”. Lea más AQUÍ

NBC2: Sen. Rick Scott Releases 30-Day Plan to Get Back to Normal

In case you missed it, Senator Rick Scott released a 30-day plan to get America back to normal following the spread of the Coronavirus. See more from NBC2 News - Southwest Florida below.


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