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I spoke with Nikki Thunder from KCHE radio in Cherokee and Rick Patrie with the Eldora Newspapers about the Republican National Convention, the defunct Tyson Foods plant in Cherokee, the Middle East, sentencing reform and the use of social media to exploit the elderly. 

Q&A: Protecting Innovation and Trade Secrets

Q. What are trade secrets?
Q. How are trade secrets under attack?
Q. How does the Defend Trade Secrets Act help solve this problem?

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This week, the Terex Cranes factory in Waverly abruptly closed down and left 175 employees without a job. I’m asking for swift action as needed from the Department of Labor to assist the community and the displaced workers in their development efforts.   

Advancements in technology revolutionize the way we communicate and enhance quality of life. Unfortunately, growing incidents of elder abuse via social media and cell phone technology in nursing homes demonstrate that not everyone practices good digital citizenship.  We owe it to our nation’s elderly population to ensure quality nursing home care. I’m continuing to pursue solutions to prevent this exploitation.

Representative government is a two-way street. That’s why I’m continuing my long-standing practice of holding meetings in each of Iowa’s 99 counties every year to answer questions and hear what’s on your minds. I hope you’ll join me at my upcoming meetings in Washington and Louisa counties. 

Government agencies should be accountable to the people. I’m pressing the Defense Department to clarify and respond to potentially misleading statements about the true cost of a compressed natural gas station in Afghanistan. 

Growing the biodiesel industry is important for our energy security and our national and local economies. I recently co-led a bipartisan effort to urge the Obama administration to increase its proposed 2018 Renewable Volume Obligations for biodiesel. 

Synthetic drugs continue to cause significant harm to communities across the country, including those in Iowa. I’m leading a bipartisan group of senators in introducing legislation aimed at controlling these dangerous substances. 

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