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On my weekly call with agriculture reporters, I spoke about the price of corn, free trade and the importance of maintaining good relationships with our allies in Asia.

Q&A: Alzheimer's Disease

Q: What’s the federal government’s stake in seeking a cure for Alzheimer’s disease?
Q: What’s the new research incentive you’re advancing for Alzheimer’s disease?

Q: How does Kevin and Avonte’s Law help Alzheimer’s families?

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Staff from my Sioux City and Cedar Rapids offices will hold open office hours at locations across northeastern and northwestern Iowa and will be available to take questions, comments and concerns about federal issues from Iowans.

I wrote to two federal agencies seeking answers on why they have been slow to distribute $589 million to fight the Zika virus, which has now entered the continental United States. Taxpayers have the right to expect that these agencies are ready to protect all of us from public health threats and to use the money already on hand before asking for more. 

I urged the Office of Inspector General of the Department of Veterans Affairs to review the case of a combat veteran from Davenport who committed suicide after reportedly seeking help at the Iowa City Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Recent reports indicated that the campaign of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sought advice from California regulators on whether that state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard could apply nationwide, possibly to replace the existing Renewable Fuel Standard. Following these reports, I reiterated my longstanding support for the Renewable Fuel Standard, which has a proven record of helping to ensure American energy security.

I asked the Department of Veterans Affairs why it has spent $20 million on art in recent years despite backlogs for patient care. Leaving hundreds of thousands of veterans on waitlists while spending so much money on artwork undermines the American people’s faith in the VA, which was created with the aim of caring for those who have served to protect the United States.

A $400 million cash payment to Iran coincided with the release of four Americans who were detained in the country. I am seeking answers about the Justice Department's involvement in the payment.

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