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I spoke with Gordon Wolf of the Denison Bulletin & Review and Ed Funston of KILR Radio about the FBI's providing public access to Hillary Clinton’s unclassified emails, the backlash against the US Patent and Trademark office for 300,000 hours paid but not worked, my continued wait for a response from the manufacturer on high EpiPen prices despite news of a generic product, Trump's meeting with the President of Mexico, nominations to the Supreme Court, and the administration's response to the Zika virus outbreak.

Q&A: 99 County Meetings

Q. Why do you hold meetings in every county, every year?

Q. What issues came up most frequently in 2016?

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In early 2015, I cosponsored and led a bill through committee that would establish a national law enforcement threat system, which the President signed into law. The system, known as Blue Alert, is supposed to notify law enforcement agencies when a credible threat is made against members of the law enforcement community. Recent media reports indicate that despite an uptick in attacks targeting police officers, the Department of Justice has yet to implement any portion of the law. I sent a letter this week to Attorney General Loretta Lynch calling for an implementation plan by September 30.

Another senator and I pressed the Obama Administration on why it appears that billions of dollars in unobligated funds aren’t being directed to a Zika response. The Administration, via Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell, responded but did not address our questions about redirecting billions of dollars of available funds to the Zika response. I'll keep pressing for answers.

I, along with Senator Vitter and Senator Cassidy, sent a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson seeking background information on the driver of a bus that collided with emergency personnel who were responding to another incident, killing two and injuring dozens more. The bus driver is allegedly in the country illegally, had a history of driving without a license, and was driving a bus allegedly full of other foreign nationals when the collision occurred, which killed local fire chief Spencer Chauvin and civilian Jermaine Starr.

My office in Des Moines has added a new Veterans Fellow, Dave Allen. I'm glad to have Dave available to meet with veterans and put his experience to work on their concerns. He was instrumental in helping my office in the case of a veteran from Altoona who ended up with expensive private hospital bills after treatment at a Department of Vetarans Affairs facility. Ultimately, the hospital cleared the veteran's debt.

My regional directors for the Des Moines and Waterloo areas will be holding open office hours at locations across northern, central and southern Iowa and will be available to take questions, comments and concerns about federal issues from Iowans.


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