Statement on the 15th Anniversary of September 11th

Senator Chuck Grassley made the following statement on the 15th anniversary of the Sept 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on America. 

On this anniversary, we remember the Americans whose lives ended in terror by forces that sought to attack not only our people, but also our identity as a nation. Those who attacked us that day meant to strike fear into our hearts, but America proved that we would not give up on the values and the ideals that distinguish us as a people.

“From the first responders who charged toward danger to the men and women in uniform who served their country in the aftermath of the attacks, we offer our gratitude and continue our commitment to upholding our promise to care for those who keep us safe. And we’ll continue to fight terrorism.

“We should remain as determined as we were fifteen years ago to never forget.” 


Grassley Direct

I spoke with Jason Brooks of the Newton Daily News about appropriations, government funding through a continuing resolution, Democrats' blockade of Zika response funding, and Iowa farmers' concerns about corn and wheat prices.  

Quick Links

This week I released an updated report on the Senate Judiciary Committee's work in the 114th Congress. The progress report highlights legislative accomplishments as well as the committee's work to process judicial nominations and conduct oversight of the federal bureaucracy. 

I included a Survivors' Bill of Rights in legislation that the Senate passed earlier this year because those who endure heinous sexual crimes should not have to fight an uphill battle for justice they deserve. The legislation will ensure evidence of such horrific crimes is both collected and preserved so that survivors have the best possible shot at justice. This week the House of Representatives unanimously approved legislation that brings those rights one step closer to reality. 

I wrote a letter to Secretary Jeh Johnson calling on the Department of Homeland Security to respond to media reports of terrorist groups operating in Mexico seeking to exploit weaknesses along the U.S. Southern border.  

Oversight I've conducted on the EB-5 foreign investor visa program has uncovered fraud, abuse and national security vulnerabilities in the program. I’ve offered solutions to restore integrity in the program with Senator Patrick Leahy. Now, we’re calling for serious reforms or it's time to let the program expire.

I sent a letter to Mylan, the maker of EpiPen, with questions about the product's price increases after hearing concerns from Iowans. Mylan responded with a seven-page letter on Thursday. While I appreciate the information provided, I found the response incomplete. I'll continue to seek information on what remedies might be helpful for Iowans going forward. I will also continue to work on my two pending bills that will help bring more generic drugs to the market to help consumers.

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Enjoyed tailgating w Iowans at the ISU v. UNI football game on Saturday. 2 panthers + a lot of cyclones in this picture

A photo posted by @senatorchuckgrassley on September 1, 2016