Dear Friend,

I'm thankful that I've had the opportunity over the past week to meet with so many of you to discuss solutions to address our country's many challenges. It was another busy week in Washington where I was able to focus on many different issues, including the Animas River spill and the President's bad deal with Iran.

The EPA's Response to the Animas River Spill

I've made it a priority to get answers from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to learn more about its unacceptable response to the Animas River spill and the steps the agency is taking to ensure a similar tragedy does not occur in the future. I testified before the Environment & Public Works Committee, explaining the spill's impact on Colorado and expressing the outstanding serious concerns for Coloradans and communities downstream that the EPA must address. Please take a moment to watch my video here.


Additionally, I had the opportunity to question EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy at an Indian Affairs Committee hearing. I asked Administrator McCarthy where the EPA was during the initial hours following the spill because the EPA failed to establish a Unified Command Center in the area until five days after the blowout. Please take a moment to watch the exchange here.



The President's Bad Deal with Iran

This week, the Senate scheduled additional votes on the President's agreement with Iran. However, a partisan minority in the Senate continued to block a vote and would not even allow a vote on an amendment that would protect our allies in Israel and free American hostages held in Iranian prisons.

The amendment would require that before Iran gets any sanctions relief from the United States, it must recognize Israel’s right to exist and free the American hostages currently held unjustly in Iranian prisons.

Under the President's deal with Iran, Iran is receiving billions in sanctions relief, access to weapons and ballistic missiles, and new markets for their oil and products. They should, at the very least, be required to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist and to release the American hostages they’re holding. You can read my op-ed that further expands upon the contents of the deal in the Colorado Springs Gazette here.

Traveling Around Colorado with FCC Commissioner Pai

This past Saturday, I spent the day with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Ajit Pai in Colorado. We discussed various telecommunications issues that are important to Coloradans, including improving access to rural broadband and freeing up more spectrum. We discuss these issues in an op-ed published in the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel that you can read here. Learn more about our discussions from CBS Denver's story here.

Commissioner Pai and I visited the innovative Commons on Champa in Denver. The Commons is a place for entrepreneurs to come together and share ideas, strategies, and plans for launching new businesses. I'm always excited to promote Colorado's entrepreneurial culture, and I'm committed to ensuring our state remains a great place to do business.

Meetings in Washington D.C.

Congratulations to Joel Rivera of Summit Middle School, named the National Association of Secondary School Principals 2015 Colorado Principal of the Year.
It was great to meet with NASA Astronaut Terry Virts and European Space Agency Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti to talk about their recent mission aboard the International Space Station. They brought along an impressive composite of photographs taken aboard the station. Astronaut Virts is a graduate of the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, and I enjoyed chatting with them both about how we can expand Colorado's presence in space.

 Northern Colorado Honor Flight Send Off

I was honored to to be with veterans and service members at an honor flight send-off ceremony in Greeley, Colorado last weekend. Our veterans have given so much to defend our country and it is important we honor their service and sacrifice.





Constitution Day

Yesterday we celebrated Constitution Day, and I hope everyone takes this chance to read and reflect on the genius of our Founding Fathers and the system of government they established for our country. 

Please take a moment to watch my video here.

Thank you for taking the time to read my weekly update. If I can be of any assistance to you, please contact my Washington D.C. office at (202) 224-5941.




Cory Gardner

United States Senator