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This past week, I traveled across the great state of Colorado where I have been fortunate enough to meet with so many of you and discuss my legislative priorities. From meeting school children in Denver to discussing rural broadband access on the Western Slope, I am glad I have been able to hear so many of your ideas on how best to move this country forward.

Visiting Denver Public Schools

It was great visiting the Denver Public Schools with Senator Bennet last Friday where we met with administrators, teachers, and students. I appreciated the first-hand experience Senator Bennet brought as former Superintendent of Denver Public Schools.

Earlier this summer, I voted for the Every Child Achieves Act, which was an important step towards reforming the federal government’s role in education and returning control to where it belongs: our states and local communities. This legislation goes a long way towards getting Congress out of the classroom, and it prevents the federal government from forcing Common Core into schools. 


Traveling Across the Western Slope

It was great meeting with Coloradans of all ages across the Western Slope. The students at Fruita Monument High School asked some great questions about the importance of growing the economy in rural Colorado, how to best utilize our natural resources, and what I'm working on in the Senate.


I was also able to stop by Talbott's in Palisade, Colorado where I learned about the production process for peaches and other fruits that Coloradans and Americans throughout the country enjoy.


Please take a moment to watch my interview with FOX 4 where I discussed my legislative priorities that will benefit the Western Slope, such as rural broadband access here.


Additionally, I had a great discussion with local business leaders about how to grow the economy at our rural economic roundtable in Fruita this week. We discussed reforming federal regulations that are negatively impacting local businesses.

Senator Gardner In the News 

I was fortunate to have an opportunity to appear on KKCO 11 News to discuss the EPA's insufficient response to its Animas River spill and my legislation promoting access to broadband internet in rural areas. Please take a moment to watch the interview here.




Cory Gardner targets North Korea, "forgotten threat"

By The Denver Post Editorial Board

For all the anxiety about Iran's potential to build nuclear weapons, you might think the Tehran theocracy was the only dangerous regime with nuclear aspirations.

In fact, North Korea surpasses Iran by almost every standard of militant barbarism, and yet it doesn't merely possess nuclear aspirations. It has a growing arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Or at least experts believe it does. At the very least it has a large and growing stockpile of weapons-grade plutonium that it has manufactured over the years. And the best estimate of the well-respected Institute for Science and International Security is that North Korea at the outset of this year may have had "approximately 6-8 nuclear weapons made out of plutonium."

Read the full story here.


GOP senator: Obama  Gitmo review 'reckless, illegal'

By Jordain Carney

Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) slammed the Obama administration Tuesday, calling its inspection of Colorado facilities as potential places to relocate Guantanamo Bay detainees "reckless" and "illegal." 
“The Obama Administration’s decision to explore transferring Guantanamo terrorists to Colorado is reckless, illegal, and wrong," he said in a statement. "Why the administration is choosing to ignore the public and ignore the law in an ill-conceived attempt to bring these prisoners onto U.S. soil is a question that they must answer."

The Pentagon said last month that it would view at least two sites in Colorado: Colorado State Penitentiary and the Federal Correction Institute in Florence.

Read the full story here.


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Cory Gardner

United States Senator