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I spoke with Mike Earl of KDSN Radio and Dale Wegner of The Sac Sun newspaper about legislative business for the rest of 2016, status of the next farm bill, international trade, NAFTA, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, concerns of election fraud and the Supreme Court.

Q&A: Drug Take Back Day

Prescription Drug Take Back Day. More than ever with the opioid crisis, we need to get unused medicines out of medicine cabinets in a safe way. Proper disposal will prevent abuse and keep our water clean, so I encourage all Iowans to take part.

Q. What is National Take Back Day?

Q. How can I locate an approved disposal site?

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This week I released a joint report with Senator Ron Johnson, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, that identified $87 billion in potential cost savings at federal agencies. More than 15,000 cost-saving recommendations from inspectors general across the federal government remain open and unimplemented. These recommendations represent years of unrecovered costs to the American taxpayer, and there is no excuse for this kind of waste. 

The entire congressional delegation from Iowa urged President Obama to support Governor Branstad's request to declare 19 Iowa counties a federal disaster area. This declaration would make federal aid available for the counties affected by the storms and flooding between September 21 and October 3. I will continue working to ensure Iowans get the relief they need.

In a letter co-written with fellow senators, I pressed the Department of Veterans Affairs on why only "one to six" people responsible for the wait time scandal have been fired in the past two years. Until failing VA employees are held accountable for their actions, nothing will change.

I am working to reverse the negative effects of Obamacare with the goal of replacing the entire flawed law. I have put forward the Small Business Health Care Relief Act, which would allow small businesses to resume helping their employees buy individual health insurance, something disrupted by Obamacare. 

My regional director in Davenport will be holding open office hours on Monday in Henry and Lee counties and will be available to take questions, comments, and concerns about federal issues from Iowans.

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