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I spoke with Russ Mitchell of Dickinson County News and Darin Svenson of KDEC radio in Decorah about the Supreme Court, the upcoming Judiciary Committee hearing on the potential settlement between EpiPen manufacturer Mylan and the Department of Justice for overcharging taxpayers, and the rising health care costs under the Affordable Care Act. 

Q&A: Protecting Your Online Information

Q. Why is it a big deal for consumers to get serious about cyber security?
Q. What can consumers do to protect themselves again cyber fraud?
Q. If a data breach occurs with a business or online account, what should Iowans do?

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I announced that the Senate Judiciary Committee, which I chair, will be holding a hearing to explore the potential settlement between EpiPen manufacturer Mylan and the Department of Justice for overcharging taxpayers. Americans deserve to know what the government is doing to hold Mylan accountable, recoup lost tax dollars and prevent similar behavior in the future. 

Wind power now supplies more than 35 percent of electricity in Iowa.  That good news for jobs and the environment.  It shows the tax credit I wrote in 1992 and have advanced ever since is working well.

In 2006, I drafted provisions to improve the IRS whistleblower office to cut tax fraud. The IRS says that since 2007, the whistleblower office has helped collect more than $3 billion in taxes that would have otherwise been lost to fraud. A new report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration shows how far the IRS has come in improving this office.

I recently held a hearing to examine potential mergers of seed and agrochemical compaines. Following the hearing, witnesses from each company were sent questions for the record. Most questions received answers. However, Syngenta declined to answer two questions, instead suggesting that ChemChina provide the information. I sent a letter to the chairman of ChemChina to get answers. These mergers could result in significant changes for Iowa farmers and consumers, and ChemChina is not exempt from answering questions.

The Senate Judiciary Antitrust Subcommitte will hold a hearing on the proposed merger of AT&T and Time Warner. This is the biggest deal of the year that could have a substantial impact on competition and consumers across the country. It's imperative that we ensure the federal antitrust regulators conduct a robust review of the proposed transaction.

My regional director in Davenport will be holding open office hours this Wednesday in four counties in southeastern Iowa and will be available to take questions, comments, and concerns about federal issues from Iowans.

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