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Dear Friend,

Throughout the past year, the Republican majority has been working on behalf of the American people, and the Senate is starting to work again. We’ve made progress on education, transportation, energy policy, and more. While we still have much work to do, I’m excited to be a part of a Senate that is starting, once again, to do the real work we were sent here to do.                

Achieving Real Education Reform

The passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act represents a step forward in federal education policy, and I’m proud to have worked with members of both parties on its passage. While not perfect, this legislation makes progress towards getting Congress out of the classroom, rolling back Common Core, and returning more power to the states and local communities where it belongs.         

Read more about the Every Student Succeeds Act here.

My Response to Iranian Belligerence: “Inaction is no longer an option”

President Obama told the American people to trust that his Administration could hold Iran accountable for bad behavior. Iran’s recent conduct, and the Administration’s lack of response, prove that the current U.S. policy of engagement with this murderous and deceitful regime is a dangerous farce. I have no confidence that Iran will abide by the terms of the nuclear deal reached this past summer. 

At a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, I asked United Nations (UN) Ambassador Samantha Power what the Administration's response was to Iran testing a ballistic missile in violation of a U.N. ban. She responded that the Administration has "increased the political cost to Iran" by talking about the issue at U.N. meetings.

That's no response at all, and it's totally unacceptable. If the Administration won't respond to an illegal ballistic missile test, why should the American people trust that they can hold Iran to the terms of a nuclear deal? Watch the exchange here.


Defeating ISIS

This week, I joined a group of Senators in sending a letter to President Obama urging him to pursue additional military options to fight ISIS and protect Americans both at home and abroad.

The letter reads in part:

In the wake of the recent wave of devastating terrorist attacks by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) on Paris, Beirut, and the Russian airliner flying over Egypt, as well as last week’s attack in San Bernardino that appears to have been inspired by ISIS, we write today to both express support for your stated objective to “degrade and ultimately destroy” ISIS and to urge you to employ more effective means to accomplish that worthy goal.

Read the full letter here.

Protecting Colorado's Public Lands

At a hearing of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, I asked witnesses, including the Director of the National Park Service and the President of the National Park Foundation, questions about how we can preserve and protect Colorado's precious public lands. Watch the exchange here.



In the News


Obama's UN envoy grilled on Iranian missile tests

Decmeber 9, 2015.

Lawmakers from both parties grilled U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power on Wednesday, demanding the United Nations act quickly over claims Iran has tested ballistic missiles.

Power told a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing that the Obama administration and U.N. Security Council are still investigating the two alleged tests in October and November.

“We are still looking to confirm those recent reports,” Power said of the November launch.


“We confirmed the [October] violation, we brought it to the U.N. Security Council, the panel of experts is investigating the matter, and will report that to the Council when it’s ready. The U.N. machinery, as you know, works slowly.”

But lawmakers rebuked Power and said more decisive action was needed soon, alleging that the tests violate U.N. resolutions.

“Non-action here is just going to empower them [Iran] to continue to violate and what I think the Ambassador just said is that the U.N. is going to do nothing,” said Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tenn.).

Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) also blasted the administration.

“So what other actions has the administration taken in response to the missile test, other than taking it to a panel, talking about it, and having a meeting?” he asked.

Read the full story here.



Sen. Cory Gardner: Obama’s ISIS strategy ‘ineffective’

December 8, 2015

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner on Tuesday said President Barack Obama’s strategy to defeat the Islamic State terrorist group is the “same ineffective approach.”

Gardner, a Yuma Republican, joined other senators in sending a letter to Obama after the president’s rare Oval Office address on Sunday. Obama called on the Republican-controlled Congress to authorize military force to fight the terrorist group.

Read the full story here.



Editorial: Congress gets serious on roads

December 10, 2015

Last week's terrorist attack in San Bernardino naturally overshadowed every other event for days, including a surprising achievement by Congress.

It passed a transportation funding bill.


"We were able to get an amendment that allows vehicle-to-vehicle communications," Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner told us. "One of the ways we're going to manage I-70 traffic through the mountains isn't necessarily going to be by adding two more tunnels through the Eisenhower-Johnson tunnels but it is going to be in part through technology. So we were able to get some language that will help the Colorado Department of Transportation work on vehicle-to-vehicle technologies."

Gardner says CDOT would like to experiment with that technology, as well as "vehicle-to-infrastructure" technology, on both I-70 and I-25.

Read the full editorial here.


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Cory Gardner

United States Senator