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This week, Senator Rick Scott joined the nation in honoring the life and service of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a trailblazer with a distinguished record of service to her country.

Senator Rick Scott believes it is irresponsible to allow an extended vacancy on the Supreme Court and will work with his colleagues to confirm a nominee quickly. Read more in Senator Scott’s op-ed in USA Today HERE.

See more of what Senator Scott has been up to this week below.

Senators Rick Scott and Catherine Cortez Masto Introduce Bipartisan Legislation Requiring Apps to List Country of Origin

Senators Rick Scott and Catherine Cortez Masto introduced the American Privacy Protection (APP) Act to require digital apps to disclose their country of origin. Following recent security concerns about apps made by U.S. adversaries, including Communist China and Russia, the APP Act will require the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to ensure all entities that operate application platforms disclose the location in which the application was developed and where data collected by the application is stored.
Senator Rick Scott said, “Apps backed by our adversaries, including TikTok and WeChat, pose huge security risks to Americans’ data and security. American consumers should know where the apps they download are created, and where the data being collected is stored. I’m proud to join Senator Cortez Masto today to introduce the APP Act and make sure Americans have the information available to protect themselves from this risk." Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott Applauds President Trump and the Administration for Rolling Back Obama-Era Cuba Policies

Senator Rick Scott released the below statement following the Administration’s announcement of new travel restrictions and sanctions against the Cuban regime, including prohibiting American citizens from importing Cuban-origin alcohol and tobacco products in order to deny the regime of additional sources of revenue.  

Senator Rick Scott said, “I’m glad the Trump Administration is continuing to demonstrate their commitment to freedom and democracy in Latin America, and I thank them for holding an important event today to honor and recognize the Cuban-American veterans of the Bay of Pigs Invasion. I’ve been calling on the Administration to limit the flow of money to Cuba and implement tougher sanctions for some time and I’m glad they have taken action to deny the Cuban regime sources of revenue. Americans citizens should not be providing additional sources of revenue to a regime that uses its profits to oppress its own people and support murderous dictators like Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. These new travel restrictions and sanctions roll back Obama-era policies of appeasement to the Castro regime. Cuba is the root of the evil we see in Latin America and we must continue to fight until we see a new day of freedom in our hemisphere." Read more HERE.

El Senador Rick Scott aplaude al Presidente Trump y a la Administración por retroceder las políticas hacia Cuba de la era Obama

El Senador Rick Scott hizo la siguiente declaración luego del anuncio de la Administración de nuevas restricciones de viajes y sanciones contra el régimen cubano, incluida la prohibición de importes de alcohol y productos de tabaco de origen cubano por parte de ciudadanos americanos, para así negar al régimen fuentes adicionales de ingresos.

El Senador Rick Scott dijo: “Me alegra que la Administración Trump continúe demostrando su compromiso con la libertad y la democracia en América Latina, y agradezco que hayan celebrado un importante evento hoy para honrar y reconocer a los veteranos cubanoamericanos de la Invasión de la Bahía de Cochinos. Le he pedido a la Administración que limite el flujo de dinero a Cuba e implemente sanciones más fuertes durante algún tiempo, incluyendo la eliminación de charters privados a Cuba, y me alegra que hayan tomado medidas para eliminar fuentes adicionales de ingresos al régimen cubano. Los ciudadanos americanos no deberían proveer fuentes adicionales de ingresos a un régimen que usa sus ganancias para oprimir a su propio pueblo y apoyar a dictadores asesinos como Nicolás Maduro en Venezuela. Estas nuevas restricciones y sanciones de viajes resuelven muchas de las políticas de apaciguamiento hacia al régimen de Castro de la era de Obama. Cuba es la raíz de la inestabilidad que vemos en América Latina y debemos seguir luchando hasta que veamos un nuevo día de libertad en nuestro hemisferio”. Lea más AQUÍ

Sen. Rick Scott Introduces VOTER Act to Prevent Election Fraud

Senator Rick Scott introduced the Verifiable, Orderly, & Timely Election Results (VOTER) Act to establish uniform standards for vote-by-mail systems across the country and ensure the timely and efficient counting of ballots, with important safeguards to prevent fraud. 

Senator Rick Scott said, “Voting is fundamental to our democracy and it is a sacred right that we must protect and cherish. I always say we need 100% participation and 0% fraud in our elections. Florida has absentee voting and it works well. But the standards for mail-in voting vary widely across the country, causing confusion and a distrust in the system. We need standards nationwide to ensure voters decide the outcomes of elections – not the courts. We can’t wait weeks or months to find out the results of this election or any election in our future – a scenario made all the more likely by the Democrats’ push to change laws late in the game and eliminate standards that protect against fraud. The VOTER Act will create uniform standards for voting-by-mail, provide important protections against fraud, and make sure we have a timely federal election result. We need to pass this bill now to ensure a smooth and secure election." Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott Requests More Transparency on PPP Loan Returns

Senator Rick Scott wrote a letter to Small Business Administration (SBA) Administrator Jovita Carranza requesting information on Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan returns, and urging the SBA to make this information available to the public. Read more, including the full letter, HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott in USA Today: Democrats, not Republicans, are Hypocrites on Filling SCOTUS Seat

Senator Rick Scott wrote an op-ed for USA Today on how the Democrats are changing their tune for partisan purposes and threatening to block a Supreme Court nomination without even knowing who the nominee will be.

In the op-ed, Senator Rick Scott wrote, “…The American people elected a Republican Senate in 2014 to be a check on the Obama/Biden administration. Senate Republicans rightly argued in 2016 that they have a responsibility to reflect the will of the voters and withhold consent for the nomination of Garland until the voters had another opportunity to let their voices be heard at the ballot box.

Republicans were clear: this rule came into play when the White House and the Senate were controlled by different parties.

… With the death of Justice Ginsburg, we’re faced with another political battle over a vacant Supreme Court seat. Unlike 2016, the White House and the Senate are both controlled by Republicans. I believe we have a duty and responsibility to hold hearings and a confirmation vote on President Trump’s nominee.

The Democrats and their allies in the media are already howling with claims of hypocrisy. But Republicans have consistently noted the difference between 2016 and 2020. In 2016 there was divided government. In 2020, Republicans control the White House and the Senate.

… In the closing paragraph of former President Obama’s 2020 statement, he says unequivocally that “A basic principle of the law — and of everyday fairness — is that we apply rules with consistency, and not based on what’s convenient or advantageous in the moment."

He, no doubt, intended these words to be directed at Republicans, but it’s the Democrats whose arguments are dripping with hypocrisy. They’re changing their tune for partisan purposes and threatening to block a Supreme Court nomination without even knowing who the nominee will be.

Elections have consequences. The American people elected President Trump and a Republican Senate knowing full-well that multiple seats on the Supreme Court could be at stake. What we’re doing is exactly what the voters and the constitution prescribed.

If Senate Democrats don’t like that, win more elections."

Read the full op-ed in USA Today HERE.


Sen. Rick Scott in Modern Healthcare: It’s Time We Stop Relying on Adversaries for Critical Medical Supplies

Senator Rick Scott wrote an op-ed for Modern Healthcare on why the U.S. must stop relying on adversaries, like Communist China, for critical medical supplies and Personal Protective Equipment, and work to build its own national stockpile of goods from American-based producers. 

In the op-ed, Senator Rick Scott wrote, “The COVID-19 pandemic has presented our nation with new and unique challenges that require all levels of government, and all facets of the healthcare system, to work together. It has pushed our limits as to what is possible. And it exposed a number of flaws in our pandemic preparedness and response capabilities. 

The alarming shortage of personal protective equipment our health system encountered represents a tremendous challenge that has been a decade in the making. For too long, the U.S. has relied on countries like China to produce PPE and critical pharmaceuticals.

… We can’t forget that relying on China for critical supplies means putting our health and security in the hands of a nation that wants to be the dominant world power. Their success depends on our failure. And since the Communist Party controls every company in China, every time we buy their supplies we are supporting a regime that is stealing our technology and intellectual property, building up their military to compete with us, abusing human rights, stripping Hong Kong residents of their freedoms and threatening Taiwan.

We have to stand up and say that we, as Americans and freedom-loving people, are better than this.

…We need to build up domestic manufacturing. As Florida’s governor, I focused on keeping taxes low for manufacturers and eliminated the sales tax on capital equipment. In the Senate, I’m working to pass a bill that will help build the national stockpile of goods from American-based producers and remove China from the U.S. supply chain.

All of us, whether in the healthcare industry or not, need to recognize the threat of China and start taking real steps to stop relying on our adversaries and focus on supplies and products ‘Made in America.'

The future of our nation and the health and safety of our people depend on our action."

Read the full op-ed in Modern Healthcare HERE.

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As Florida’s Panhandle works to recover from the impacts of Hurricane Sally, every Florida family should take the opportunity to make sure they are prepared for any future storms throughout the 2020 Hurricane Season. Severe weather can approach quickly and should never be underestimated. Although preparing for a storm might look a little different amid the coronavirus, we cannot let our guards down, and must do everything we can to ensure our families stay safe. See more in Senator Scott’s Hurricane Season PSA, in partnership with The Weather Channel, HERE

Read more on how to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus while preparing for hurricane season from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) HERE, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) HERE, or by visiting

Floridians in need of assistance with federal resources following the impacts of Hurricane Sally can contact Senator Scott’s office HERE.







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