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Dear Friend,

Honoring Deputy Sheriff Derek Geer

Deputy Sheriff Derek Geer with the Mesa County Sheriff’s Department lost his life in the line of duty while protecting and serving the people of Colorado. I took to the Senate floor to honor his sacrifice and thank all law enforcement officers across Colorado and the United States for their service. Watch my remarks here.

A National Commission on Digital Security

I spoke on the Senate floor about bipartisan legislation that Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) and I introduced to establish an independent National Commission on Security and Technology Challenges. Advances in technology drive the world economy and improve privacy for consumers, but those advances do not come without challenges. As the debate continues on how to balance the preservation of our civil liberties with the protection of our citizens, a strong consensus remains: there is no easy answer to solve this problem. That’s why the establishment of the Digital Security Commission is essential as it unites our country’s brightest experts from the government and private sector who are in the best position to develop and present recommendations to Congress to tackle the issue of digital security.

Watch my remarks here

Visiting Guantanamo Bay

My visit to Guantanamo Bay reaffirmed what Coloradans and Americans across the country already know: the detainees belong in Guantanamo Bay, a facility tailor-made for terrorists. In addition to the illegality of transferring Guantanamo Bay detainees to U.S. soil through executive order, the President should recognize that moving dangerous terrorists to our backyard at a time when our country is facing emerging security challenges is both irresponsible and dangerous. I’ll continue to work to ensure that Guantanamo Bay detainees remain where they belong.


Colorado Capital Conference

The Colorado Capital Conference is a wonderful opportunity for people from all over Colorado to travel to Washington, D.C. and meet with our nation’s top leaders. Past speakers have included Supreme Court Justices, heads of executive agencies, and Members of Senate leadership. The Capital Conference is a Colorado tradition, and one I look forward to each year. Washington works best when Coloradans are involved in the policymaking process and this annual conference provides that opportunity.

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Meeting with Coloradans

Thanks to Colowyo Mine Manager Chris McCourt for presenting this helmet signed by Colowyo Miners who work tirelessly every day to provide affordable energy to Coloradans. Colowyo is vital to the regional economy, and I am glad the mine will continue to operate and employ over 200 people.


I enjoyed meeting Alan Jones, former President of the Paralyzed Veterans of America Mountain States Chapter. Our veterans are an inspiration to this country and I thank them for their service to this great nation.

Thank you for taking the time to read my weekly update. If I can be of any assistance to you, please contact my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 224-5941.




Cory Gardner

United States Senator