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I spoke with Dan and Dan on WOC radio in Davenport about priorities in the new Congress, the President-elect's nominees, Obamacare and Russian hacking. 

Q&A: RFS Drives Clean Energy Economy

Q. Are you satisfied the incoming administration will stand strong for the Renewable Fuel Standard?
Q: Why is the RFS so important?

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I met with Dr. Ben Carson, nominated by the President-elect to be secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), to discuss my concerns relating to HUD. I expressed the need for HUD to function well for the families and individuals who depend on public housing programs and conveyed my hope for more accountability and transparency for how taxpayer dollars are used. Dr. Carson listened carefully, and I look forward to his swift confirmation. 

I reintroduced Sarah's Law alongside Senator Ernst and our colleagues from Nebraska. The legislation was named to honor Sarah Root, an Iowan who was killed nearly one year ago by a drunk driver in the country illegally. Sarah's Law would amend the immigration laws to ensure that illegal immigrants who are a threat to public safety are taken into custody. Edwin Mejia, the drunk driver, remains at large because the Obama administration didn't consider him an enforcement priority. No family should have to endure the pain of losing their daughter and then be robbed of justice. 

I also convened a meeting among several senators from biofuels-producing states and Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, the President-elect's nominee to head the EPA. I put together the meeting to convey the importance of biofuels to job creation, energy security, the environment and meeting our country's energy needs. We got a very positive response on Mr. Pruitt's support not just for the Renewable Fuel Standard, but also for the rule of law. 

Members of Congress rightly hear from the people who chose us to represent them about regulations that are too heavy-handed, that don't work, or that hurt job creation. So I re-introduced the REINS Act with Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and 25 other senators to rein in unelected bureaucrats by requiring that Congress affirmatively approve every new "major rule" proposed by the executive branch before it can be enforced.

I'm continuing to press the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services about prescription drug misclassifications that cost the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. I wrote that in addition to EpiPen, Dilaudid and Prilosec also reportedly were identified as misclassified in 2009, costing the taxpayers more than they were required to pay. I asked for an accounting of all these overpayments and what steps, if any, were taken to recoup taxpayer dollars. 

Time and again, we've seen criminal immigrants wreak havoc in communities from California to Iowa to North Carolina, disregarding the rule of law and victimizing innocent people. I introduced a package of bills that takes steps to honor past victims and prevent future tragedies by giving government the tools and directives necessary to enforce laws and protect the public. The package includes the Taking Action Against Drunk Drivers Act, a bill making immigrants with gang ties inadmissible and deportable, Kate's Law and a bill called Keep Our Communities Safe. 

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