Dear Friend,

I’m horrified by the deadly events of this week. No one should ever be targeted because of the color of their skin, or the color blue of a police uniform. I join the nation in grieving for the loss of life that’s sent shockwaves throughout our communities this week, and I pray that we can unite and show the world that good ultimately overcomes evil and peace will prevail.

Remembering Colorado's Senator Bill Armstrong

Earlier this week, former Colorado Senator Bill Armstrong passed away. Our nation lost a great public servant, whose mark on Colorado and this country embodies the virtues of liberty, faith, and family. His booming voice, piercing gaze, and love of fellow patriots will never be forgotten. So many people in Colorado were brought to conservative ideas and optimism through Senator Armstrong. The United States is a better place because of his grace, humility and boundless spirit.

Protecting Classified Information

The FBI’s investigation into Secretary Clinton’s personal e-mail server confirmed what Americans across the country already know: Secretary Clinton recklessly accessed classified information on an insecure system – establishing a vulnerable and highly desirable target for foreign hackersIf the FBI won’t recommend action based on its findings, Congress will.

I introduced the Taking Responsibility Using Secured Technologies (TRUST) Act of 2016, which would revoke Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s security clearance as well as the security clearances of Secretary Clinton’s colleagues at the State Department who exhibited extreme carelessness in their handling of classified information. Additionally, the TRUST Act expresses the sense of Congress that Secretary Clinton should not have access to classified information again until she earns the legal right to such access. 

Watch my interview with Fox and Friends about my bill here.


My SCREEN FAST Act Aims to Ease Security Lines at DIA, Airports Across the Country

As airport security lines plague travelers across Colorado and the country, it’s important we provide TSA and airports the flexibility to best ease security lines. That's why I introduced the Safe Convenient Reliable Efficient Effective Next-Generation Functional and Secure TSA (SCREEN FAST) Act.

My bill will address both short-term and long-term concerns with TSA security lines at airports across the nation and is funded using existing TSA resources and airport reimbursements. The bill creates two pilot programs focused on increasing efficiency and security at airports and establishing prototypes for new and innovative screening techniques. 

Most importantly, it provides innovative solutions to streamline the security screening process and make it more efficient, while preserving safety and security. I’m pleased it's included in the final FAA Reauthorization package and look forward to supporting this bipartisan bill as it advances through the final stages of the legislative process.

Continuing to Fight for Coloradans Impacted by the Gold King Mine Spill

Earlier this week, I announced the Economic Development Administration (EDA) awarded La Plata County $57,809 to aid recovery efforts following the Gold King Mine spill. The grant will be used to aid data collection, market analysis, and hire a recovery coordinator “to assist San Juan County’s businesses and residents.”

I’m pleased La Plata County will receive federal funds to assist in the recovery from the EPA-born Gold King Mine spill, but I’m disappointed EPA has yet to fully reimburse my constituents. While these federal funds are another step toward recovery in the area, the EPA must right this wrong and fully compensate the people of Southwest Colorado. Private citizens and small businesses continue to be harmed because the EPA has not lived up to their commitment. I will continue to pressure the EPA and advocate for my constituents affected by this disaster.

Sanctioning North Korea for Human Rights Abuses

This week, the U.S. Department of Treasury designated North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, top North Korean officials, and 10 individuals and several entities tied to the regime as notorious human rights abusers as required by my North Korea Sanctions and Policy Enhancement Act (NKSPEA).The designation marks the first ever human rights sanctions imposed on North Korea and coincides with the release of the State Department’s report identifying severe human rights abusers, which was also required by the NKSPEA.

I applaud Treasury for sanctioning one of the world’s most notorious human rights abusers, Kim Jong Un, as well as top officials and individuals and entities who enable the imprisonment of an estimated 200,000 men, women, and children in North Korea. My bill recognized that in order to peacefully disarm the North Korean regime, sanctions must extend beyond those who contribute to proliferation activities and address severe human rights abusers. The designation is a pivot away from the Obama Administration’s previous failed strategy of "strategic patience" toward the regime and represents a significant step toward addressing North Korea’s increasingly belligerent behavior.

Thank you for taking the time to read my weekly update. If I can be of any assistance to you, please contact my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 224-5941.



Cory Gardner

United States Senator