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Establishing a Select Committee on Cybersecurity

Earlier this week, U.S. Senator Chris Coons and I introduced legislation to establish a Senate Select Committee on Cybersecurity that would have jurisdiction over cybersecurity and cyberspace issues.

Cybersecurity policy is one of the most complex and significant challenges facing Congress, yet the Senate’s structure to investigate and address cyber issues is diffuse and inadequate. This has led to an uncoordinated policy response to recent cyber attacks on government agencies, businesses, and infrastructure. The scope of the cyber threat is as varied as the actors who are responsible for them and the consequences of potential attacks. Therefore, as cyber risks threats evolve so must U.S. cybersecurity policy. The establishment of a Select Committee on Cybersecurity is essential to investigating emerging cyber risks and bolstering our defenses against them through legislative solutions, and I’m hopeful that my colleagues recognize that a centralized structure is the best path forward to effectively tackle the cyber challenge.

Read more about our proposal here

National School Choice Week 

Since my time in the Colorado State House, I have advocated for expanding school choice and keeping Congress out of the classroom. #NationalSchoolChoiceWeek is an opportunity to recognize the tremendous impact access to school choice has on our youth. I will continue to work to provide parents with the power to make decisions that are best for their children because every child should have access to a school that best serves their individual needs.

Colorado National Guard

This week, we celebrated the Colorado National Guard's 157th birthday. We thank current and former guardsmen and women for their dedication and service to Colorado and our country.


Beginning to Approve The President's National Security Team

On Defense SecretaryJames Mattis:

I voted for Secretary Mattis because he is a proven leader who has served our country valiantly for more than four decades. As a four-star general, he made clear during his confirmation hearing that he understands the importance of supporting our allies and military alliances and standing up to key threats, including Russia. Now, Secretary Mattis assumes a new role in public service and I’m confident in his ability to lead the Department of Defense.

On Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly:

Secretary Kelly also has a distinguished record of service to our country and the commitment required to serve as Secretary of Homeland Security. He has seen first-hand the challenges our country faces when it comes to securing our borders, and has the experience, dedication, and vigilance to fight homegrown terrorism and keep our country safe.

On CIA Director Mike Pompeo:

At a time when we are facing many evolving threats around the world, it is important that our chief intelligence officer is prepared to face them head on to protect Americans at home and abroad. I will work with him to protect privacy as he works to protect America. CIA Director Pompeo’s background as a U.S. Army veteran and member of the House Intelligence Committee will serve him well as the Director of the CIA.

On UN Ambassador Nikki Haley:

The UN is in desperate need of U.S. leadership, particularly when it comes to standing up for one of our closest allies, Israel, and standing up to rogue regimes like Iran and North Korea. During her confirmation hearing, Ambassador Haley rejected the UN’s condemnation of Israel and committed to serving as a strong advocate for American principles of freedom and democracy. The United States must support its allies through action, and Ambassador Haley has demonstrated that she is willing to be a strong voice on behalf of the United States in the UN.

Need Help with a Federal Agency? 

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