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I spoke with Brian Fancher of KLMJ Radio in Hampton and Maureen Olsen of the Neola Gazette about transparency in our judicial process and cameras in the courtroom, the Supreme Court nomination process, protecting whistleblowers and the chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

Q&A: Campus Sexual Assault

Q. Why are you leading a bipartisan effort to reform the way colleges and universities address sexual assaults on their campuses?
Q. How will your proposed legislation help solve the problem of sexual violence on college campuses?

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We can now call him Justice Gorsuch. On Friday a bipartisan majority of senators voted to confirm Judge Neil M. Gorsuch to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. This brilliant, honest, humble man is a judge's judge. And I'm confident he will make a superb Justice.  I spoke and answered a few questions at a press conference following the confirmation vote.

I signed a letter to President Trump, alongside 38 of my colleagues from both sides of the aisle, urging him to prioritize reopening China's market to American beef when he met with China's president this week. With such low commodity prices and a slow farm economy, the impact of trade on U.S. farmers and ranchers is significant.

I introduced a bill to permanently extend key Medicare rural hospital programs. These programs bring a lot of value for rural residents and taxpayers and are critical to the service provided at hospitals in Keokuk, Newton, Spencer, Fort Madison and Spirit Lake. We should extend these programs that help keep the doors open for rural Medicare beneficiaries. 

Senator Ernst and I led a bipartisan letter to Secretary of Defense James Mattis calling for a long-overdue clean audit of the Defense Department. That department is the only one that has not complied with this mandatory type of audit. The inability to account for expenditures does a disservice to the American taxpayer and threatens our national security.

In 2011 the DEA refused to notify other law enforcement agencies or detain a known gun trafficker who later would be linked to the firearm used in the deadly ambush of two American Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. The DEA’s failure to properly share information that could have helped prevent this tragedy was revealed in a recent report that I requested years ago, following the botched Operation Fast and Furious, which left an American border agent dead. This week, I demanded answers from the DEA administrator on why this happened and why the DEA has resisted policy changes that could have prevented this tragedy.  

Over the last several decades we've seen the meat industry continue to concentrate and vertically integrate. Both the poultry and pork industries are consolidated, and now the cattle industry is headed in the same direction. Independent producers need the cash market to function properly. So this week I reintroduced my legislation to ban packer ownership of livestock to help the marketplace deliver a fair market price to farmers. 


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