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I spoke with Tom Williamson of KIIC Radio in Albia and Kyle Ocker of The Knoxville Journal Express about my inquiry into health insurers’ gaming of Medicare Advantage, mental health care, the pending nominations of the secretary of Agriculture and the associate attorney general, my voting record and Veterans Affairs whistleblower protections. 

Q&A: Skilled Foreign Work Visas

Q: What’s happening with your efforts to improve the skilled foreign worker visa programs? 
Q: How would your bipartisan legislation fix what’s broken?

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A health insurer reportedly is charging customers more for a brand name prescription drug than a generic drug when the insurer’s own doctors explicitly prescribed the brand name drug for medical reasons. I wrote a letter seeking answers from CareFirst on this practice.

After an employee was charged with violating resident privacy on social media at a Florida assisted living facility, I sought an explanation. I'm evaluating the response I received from the facility. This is just the latest incident to come to light. After I pressed on numerous such incidents around the country, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services made clear that social media exploitation is a prohibited form of abuse. 

After reports of a large psychiatric services company’s inability to properly care for its patients, I sought answers from a government watchdog and an accrediting organization. This work continues as reports of new problems arise.  

I am continuing my inquiry into the Medicare Advantage program. The federal government is doing a poor job of monitoring insurers’ gaming to boost their payments at taxpayer expense. I requested information on what the agency in charge is doing to protect taxpayers.  

Hearing loss is the third most prevalent chronic health condition facing older adults, yet hearing aids are too expensive for many people. There is growing support for the bipartisan Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act of 2017 I’m helping to lead. This bill will help with affordability. 

I have long advocated for reforms to EB-5 visa programs that address widespread fraud and national security vulnerabilities. I raised questions to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly after hearing about an elaborate EB-5 investor visa scheme that allowed fraudsters to pocket $50 million from Chinese investors that should have gone to U.S. job-creating development projects. While the projects never materialized, more than 100 Chinese investors, including several Chinese fugitives, obtained visas. 

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