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I spoke with Jerry Dietz of KCSI Radio in Red Oak and Eric Vansickle of Waverly Newspapers about North Korea, repealing and replacing Obamacare, averting a government shutdown, Governor Branstad’s hearing to be U.S. ambassador to China and school lunch programs. 

Q&A: Ambassadors and Foreign Affairs

Q. Do you expect Governor Branstad to be confirmed as the next U.S. ambassador to China?
Q. What role does Congress have in foreign affairs? 
What are some of the ways your office interacts with the State Department and foreign embassies? 

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Governor Branstad had his nomination hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. I was honored to introduce him, along with Senator Ernst. Iowans have long known and benefited from the relationship Governor Branstad has with the people of China. I have every confidence that he will represent the United States well and excel as an ambassador just as he has throughout his career.

The Judiciary Committee, which I chair, held an FBI oversight hearing to shine a light on the nation’s chief federal law enforcement agency. FBI Director James Comey fielded questions on many topics, including the FBI’s handling of investigations into Secretary Clinton’s email server, Russian meddling in U.S. elections and leaks of classified information by its employees. The FBI’s effectiveness depends on the trust of American people. To maintain that trust, we need a better understanding of the FBI’s treatment of some of its recent high profile and politically charged investigations. 

The House of Representatives passed a health care bill in response to Obamacare's failures. House passage gives the Senate the opportunity to write a bill. Obamacare isn’t working for people, as recent developments in Iowa emphasize. I’ve been talking with Iowans about all of the considerations to take into account. Their insight is important as the Senate works on a bill that helps make health care more affordable and accessible for Iowans and other Americans.

Mexico and the United States have reached an impasse on sugar imports. I urged the Department of Commerce to ensure that the consequences of the dispute are contained to sugar and do not affect other U.S. trade interests, such as corn or high fructose corn syrup. The U.S. corn refining industry supports nearly 260,000 jobs, many of which could be jeopardized by the loss of market access to Mexico. 

I reintroduced bipartisan legislation to help states meet the needs of children in both the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. Child welfare and juvenile justice experts need to work together to keep vulnerable youth safe, off the streets and away from crime.

introduced bipartisan legislation to give Medicaid and Medicare Part D providers access to more comprehensive information on prescription drugs. It’s in the patients’ best interest for doctors to make the most informed decisions about what prescription drugs work best.

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