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Memorial Day is a time for families and neighbors to gather in remembrance and in tribute to those individuals from their community who gave their lives for our country. To all those who sacrificed their lives to uphold our freedom, I say thank you. 

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Q. Why should Americans, especially younger generations, celebrate Memorial Day? 
Q. How can Iowans observe Memorial Day?

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Congratulations to Ambassador Terry Branstad, Governor Kim Reynolds and Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg. I have every confidence they will excel in their new roles and will represent Iowa and the United States well.

Following news reports that the Wounded Warrior Project was mismanaging donor dollars and misrepresenting its accounting, I launched a more than-yearlong inquiry into the tax-exempt charity. I spoke with CBS Evening News about the results, and I'm glad the organization has taken steps to fix its shortcomings. 


I introduced bipartisan legislation this week to strengthen laws against money laundering – a critical source of funding for terrorist organizations, drug cartels and other organized crime syndicates. The recent attack in the United Kingdom is a somber example of the threats facing our country and our allies. My bill targets the funding stream for the illicit activities of these diabolical enterprises, limiting their abilities to wreak havoc on our communities.

I reintroduced a bipartisan bill to correct a Supreme Court decision that made it harder for family farms to reorganize their finances when they fall on hard times. Because much of farming assets are tied up in land needed to continue operating, Congress sought to address the unique challenges family farms face during bankruptcy following the sale of assets. However, that 2012 Supreme Court ruling did not apply the law as Congress intended. My bill clarifies Congress’ intent to help farming families get back on their feet after they’ve reorganized. 

I reintroduced bipartisan legislation to enable states to support foster youth aging out of the system. The bill would allow states to use federal dollars for foster youth services up to age 23 and create more opportunities for those who age out of care. 

Many parents of children with severe epilepsy and other conditions are interested in cannabidiol, a non-THC extract of the cannabis plant, to try to ease their children’s symptoms. Along with a bipartisan group of colleagues, I introduced legislation to expand research into the medical benefits of cannabidiol. Research is necessary to give parents the answers they need.

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