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I spoke with Nikki Thunder of KCHE Radio in Cherokee and Paige Godden of the Indianola Tribune about Iowa’s gubernatorial transition, biodiesel tax credit reform, family farm bankruptcy legislation, misclassification of EpiPens, Justice Department accountability and the state of health insurance in Iowa. 

Q&A: Congressional Review Act

Q. What is the Congressional Review Act
Q. How has the 115th Congress used the Congressional Review Act?

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I held ten county meetings across Iowa as part of my annual 99 county meetings. One of my county meetings was at a lumber company located in Dallas County to tour the facility and answer questions from employees about my work in Washington for Iowans. I hold these meetings in a variety of formats to ensure that a broad cross-section of Iowans can participate, including offices, schools, churches, town halls, factory floors and other places of business.

Watchdogs at the Department of Health and Human Services concluded taxpayers overpaid for EpiPens, lifesaving medical devices used to treat severe allergic reactions, by nearly $1.3 billion over the last decade. This is far more than the $465 million that the company that manufactures the device, Mylan, reported it had agreed to in settlement negotiations with the Justice Department last year. Taxpayers have a right to know what happened here and to be repaid whatever they are owed. 

Poorly performing medical devices can cause serious health risks and cost seniors and people with disabilities millions of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses. I expressed my support for Unique Device Identifiers for medical devices, which would improve patient health and strengthen the integrity of the Medicare system. 

Last month, a man illegally residing in the U.S. nearly killed a 6-year-old child while driving drunk. It turns out this man had been deported 15 times before for various crimes. I wrote a letter to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly seeking information about the driver's immigration and criminal history and how the Trump Administration’s new policies may help prevent such dangerous incidents in the future. Events like this and the one that claimed the life of 21-year-old Iowan Sarah Root should serve as a wakeup call about the importance of immigration enforcement and the rule of law.

First responders and law enforcement officers often run toward danger to keep our communities safe. Sadly, too many make the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. As a society, we’ve promised to support the loved ones of these fallen officers, but many of their families are left in an unacceptable limbo for years before hearing back about their applications for survivor benefits. Yesterday, the President signed my bill that will reduce the backlogs of these applications, so families can get the answers and assistance they deserve.

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