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I spoke with Dennis Morrice of KLEM radio in Le Mars and Jamie Whitney of the Pocahontas Record-Democrat about the Congressional baseball practice shooting, the Senate health care replacement plan, the firing of FBI Director Comey and misleading VA wait times.  

Q&A: Backlogs Continue at the VA 

Q. What new action has Congress taken to fix systemic flaws at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)? 
What have you learned about wait times for veterans seeking treatment at Iowa’s VA facilities?

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Underserved and rural communities need access to general surgeons. I introduced bipartisan legislation that would produce high quality data on where general surgeons are in short supply around the country. Policymakers and the medical community would be able to place surgeons where they’d do the most good.

The White House is working on an executive order to address the high cost of prescription drugs. I have been pressing the current and previous administrations  for months to accurately classify prescription drugs under the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program to save taxpayer money. I’m very interested in the executive order, and the Administration is right to focus on the high cost of prescription drugs.

In recent years, we’ve seen a rapid trend toward concentration in the ag industry, which has rightly put American farmers and ranchers on edge. I was glad to see that the Justice Department listened to the concerns I and others raised about the Dow-DuPont merger and required those companies to divest portions of their businesses in order to maintain a more fair and open marketplace.

The Obama Administration established a practice of funneling money from settlement agreements with the Justice Department to third party, politically active organizations instead of sending those funds directly into the U.S. Treasury or to victims. Thankfully the Justice Department under Attorney General Sessions recently discontinued that policy. But I’m seeking information on all of these previous settlements so we have a full accounting for victims and for the American taxpayers.

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23 RuralElectricCoop students on annual D.C. Trip met me at4am at my home to do my 3mi run This is our 7th annual meeting

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