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I spoke with Tom Williamson of KCII in Albia and Gordon Wolf of the Denison Bulletin & Review about the Senate health care replacement plan, the Foreign Agents Registration Act, tax reform and EPA’s proposed volume obligations under the Renewable Fuel Standard program. 

Q&A: Spending Oversight 

Q. What drives your relentless grip on federal purse strings? 
Q. Is the Pentagon making strides to fix its bookkeeping flaws?
Q. How can tax dollars lost to fraud be recovered? 

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led a Judiciary Committee hearing on the president’s nominee to be FBI director, Christopher Wray. Mr. Wray, a widely respected lawyer and former assistant attorney general, answered questions and demonstrated his strong qualifications for this important job. Since the FBI is our country’s top law enforcement agency, I hope to process this nominee quickly so he can be considered by the full Senate as soon as next week. 

A new watchdog report shows opioids are commonly prescribed to Medicare beneficiaries, and some of those beneficiaries are at serious risk of dangerous results. A bipartisan bill I introduced would shine light into drug company payments to medical practitioners who prescribe opioids but fly under the radar on oversight.  

Maintaining foot and ankle mobility helps people exercise, which prevents other health-related problems. I introduced a bipartisan bill to improve patient access to podiatrists in Medicaid and improve care for patients with diabetes who need therapeutic shoes via Medicare. 

I urged the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services  to recover as much as possible of more than $729.4 million in reported inappropriate Obama-era electronic health records incentive payments. The agency should recover as much as possible of the misspent money and if it can’t, let Congress know why not.

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