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"Van and Bonnie In the Morning" on WHO in Des Moines asked me how I stay in shape. 

Q&A: National Whistleblower Appreciation Day 

Q. What is National Whistleblower Appreciation Day?  
How have your worked to protect and encourage whistleblowers? 

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Students’ academic dreams can become a nightmare upon college graduation because they borrowed more from the federal government than they can afford to repay with the degree they earned. I introduced bipartisan legislation to increase the amount of information students receive about federal student loans. The federal government, as the lender, has a responsibility to at least ensure that students know what they’re getting themselves into before they get in over their heads.

I’ve been raising concerns for years about enforcement of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.  It’s a law from 1938 that was passed to prevent agents of foreign powers from spreading propaganda and influencing American policies and elections, but in recent years has not been faithfully enforced. The Senate Judiciary Committee, which I chair, held a hearing this week and heard from experts on this issue.

I am urging the U.S. Department of Agriculture to push the Chinese government to end its ban on the sale of American poultry products. For communities and states that rely on a thriving and growing poultry industry, these agreements are essential to a strong and vibrant future.

Taxpayers spend billions of dollars a year to provide safe, affordable housing for those in need. I’ve looked at troubled housing authorities around the country and pushed for more oversight from the federal government that writes the checks. The latest example of a troubled housing authority is in Cairo, Illinois, where hundreds of tenants are being displaced due to years of negligence and mismanagement. I’m calling on federal investigators to complete their investigation into the mismanagement as soon as possible and make their findings public. Transparency is necessary for accountablity and prevention. 

One of the biggest challenges facing older foster youth is aging out of care  without a place to live. I introduced bipartisan legislation to help youth aging out of foster care with housing needs. This bill would make it easier for such youth to get federal housing assistance so they can continue their education, get a job and have a good start into adulthood.  

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