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I spoke with Ed Funston of KILR radio in Estherville and Mike Hohenbrink of the Calmar Courier about President Trump’s announcement on Afghanistan, the events in Charlottesville, VA reform, EpiPen-maker Mylan’s settlement with the Department of Justice and international trade negotiations.

Q&A: 99 County Meetings

Q. What’s on the minds of Iowans as you visit each of Iowa’s 99 counties this year? 
Q. Why do you prioritize your county meetings?

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President Trump signed into law the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act. This bipartisan legislation, of which I was the lead co-sponsor, makes certain types of hearing aids available over the counter to Americans with mild to moderate hearing impairment. Consumers are interested in new hearing aid products to improve their quality of life at an affordable price. The more products available, the more consumers will be able to find something they can afford that works for them.

In May, I asked Energy Secretary Rick Perry a series of questions about a study he directed that appeared geared to undermine wind energy. The report was released, and I appreciate that it treats wind energy fairly. Iowa is the first state in the country to generate more than one-third of its electricity from wind. Wind energy is the source of 7,000 jobs in Iowa and thousands more nationwide. It's here to stay. 

For 37 years, I’ve held an hour-long Q&A with Iowans in every county at least once annually. Throughout August, I’ve been traveling to 30 counties to meet and speak with Iowans. As I often say, representative government is a two-way street. I’m one half of the processand the people of Iowa are the other half. I appreciate the opportunity to take questions and hear concerns. You can watch a local news segment below on my town meeting in Mount Ayr. 

I pressed for better oversight of a $9.6 billion program meant to help homeowners who suffered during the housing crisis after it came to light that a Nevada state agency engaged in “widespread waste and abuse in spending” and “abused the Hardest Hit Fund." Congress didn’t intend this program for bureaucrats to live high on the hog, yet the bureaucrats in question did exactly that. They bought barbecue and gift cards for themselves with taxpayer dollars. Every agency that squandered this money needs to pay back every penny to the American taxpayers.

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