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The Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act, and the White House and leaders of both chambers of Congress proposed a tax reform and relief framework. I talk about both in the video below.


Q&A: Military Service Academies 

Q. How can interested Iowans apply for admission to a U.S. military academy?
Q. Why is the selection process so competitive?

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The White House and congressional leaders announced a framework for tax reform and relief. President Trump deserves credit for making this a priority. America's outdated tax code puts us at a disadvantage in the global economy. We should do everything we can to put taxpayers in the driver’s seat of how they use more of their own money. 

The EPA proposed a plan to reduce biofuels requirements in the national fuel supply, a bait-and-switch from a previous proposal that, while not great, essentially did no harm. I’m pressing the Administration to drop the EPA's terrible proposal, which would harm the U.S. biofuels industry and lead to job loss. This EPA proposal runs contrary to assurances from the President himself and Cabinet secretaries in my office prior to confirmation for their strong support of renewable fuels. 

With so many different rules across federal agencies, it’s not always easy for government employees to figure out how to properly expose waste, fraud or abuse in government. I introduced the bipartisan Whistleblower Protection Coordination Act to ensure that patriotic whistleblowers are made fully aware of how to lawfully shine a light on inefficiencies and misconduct to save taxpayer dollars and improve government accountability. 

A $64.8 million plane intended for counter-narcotics work in Afghanistan has never been used for a single mission. As Defense Department officials are passing the buck, the American taxpayers are left holding the bag yet again. I wrote to Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis urging him to take aggressive steps to end waste in the department and for a review to be conducted to determine who is responsible for what happened. If heads don’t roll, nothing changes.

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