Good morning folks - 

You sent me to Congress with a specific mission: cut wasteful spending and make Washington squeal. 

I take seriously the responsibility you have entrusted in me to make Washington more competent and less wasteful. 

Every month, I will be researching and identifying areas of waste, abuse and inefficiencies. Then, once a month, I will give out the Squeal Award, which recognizes a Washington expense, program or concept that has proven to be wasteful and must be cut.

Squeal Award: Does the Air Force really need $1,280 cups?

$32,000 of your hard-earned dollars spent on cups? That doesn’t sound right. But it’s true. The United States Air Force (USAF), specifically the 60th Aerial Port Squadron at Travis Air Force Base, purchased cups that cost $1,280 apiece.

In a recent Fox News article, it was reported that this squadron has wasted nearly $56,000 on cups in the past three years.  Just this year, 25 cups were purchased for a whopping $32,000.  

This is taxpayer money being spent, folks!

According to Dr. Heather Wilson, Secretary of the USAF, since 2016, the branch has spent $326,785 on nearly 400 cups, an average of $816 per cup. This is flat out reckless!

The purpose of the cups is to reheat drinks like coffee or tea during flight.  While enjoying a hot beverage is fine, there has to be a cheaper way.  And, what’s so special about these cups? Well, not much that we can find.  The handles even break easily and replacement parts are not available –meaning they would just have to purchase a new one completely. 

We must keep a check on our military branches and federal agencies to ensure they are wisely stewarding your money.  In this case, I want to thank Iowa’s senior senator, Chuck Grassley, in providing aggressive oversight of this case, as this negligent use of taxpayer money has to stop.

For incredibly wasteful and unnecessary spending, I hereby present the United States Air Force with this month’s squeal award. 

Do you have an example of government waste or inefficiencies that I should take a look at? Send me an email by clicking here.

Thank you!